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Had any trouble course be able ondal source various months I ride well a car and I am fine being a crate. I 't know if you can tell from photos but eye was damaged beyond repair when I came to Lone they had to remove it. I still have some vision remaining eye though it is limited somewhat. I can navigate just fine and even do well on the stairs. I'm not currently on any medications. if you are looking for a calm, easy going, great companion who to out with you, I'm your mom says, Gunter let's you know when he wants food or water. If his bowl is empty, he toss it around until you fill it! Gunter is just one of the best pups ever! If you want to ask more questions about me, contact family at Or fill out application to adopt me or one of the other Lone pups at PS. I've had ALL vetting, and oh boy, it was a lot. Here's what I had done.. Distemper Parvo shots TWICE Bordetella shots ALSO TWICE. Spay Neuter, of course. A fecal exam I 't have any bad worms. A heartworm test. BLOODWORK to make sure liver and kidneys are working well, because you know, we doggies often have issues the liver and kidneys. A DENTAL exam AND cleaning if I needed it- yep, all toofies are checked they can be tip top shape See, that's a LOT. Ask your vet that's a LOT. You can apply to adopt this adorable little fluff at This adorable little fluff has been spayed or neutered, is up to date on all vaccinations and heartworm negative. part of the international dog training company founded 29 years ago. Bark Busters trainers work directly with you your own home. Our training takes into account the unique challenges you're facing, fostering a positive relationship between you and your dog. Our method enables you to build a lasting, emotional bond based on trust and respect, which turn aids overcoming past challenges with your dog. Bark Busters Home Dog Training focus on owners too, that once you learn to communicate effectively with your dog, you will have the necessary tools to overcome your dog's behaviour problems. At the request of our dog-loving friends owners and partners across the nation, we'd like to share the following information, addressing a wide variety of dog care, training tips, safety topics and much more...! Here you will find full colour public information handouts ready for printing or adding to email. Bark Busters are looking for special individuals who want to make a difference the lives of dogs and their owners. Running your own dog training business is a dream come true for people. 29 years of proven success and over 300 offices worldwide makes Bark Busters the ideal dog training career. Average rating out of based on the last reviews out of 5006. Ratings based on the results of returned questionnaires from our clients. Free to all new customers Download our FREE smartphone app. Take our FREE Behaviour Quiz, find a local Bark Busters trainer, contact us, training tips, advice and much more... When we rescued our puppy back I knew she had potential to be a great dog but also a very bad pup! I researched and came across 's name and I am glad that I did. gave us the foundation to create a harmonious training between us and our dog. I couldn't be happier with what has taught us and our puppy she was truly a great person to have! Our puppy is a little over a year now and listens extremely well. I am thankful for and will certainly be using her when we get another dog! has been instrumental helping dog Kodi. I rescued him five months ago and he needed a lot of help. He has a very high prey drive and couldn't settle down outside or on walks. She helped me teach Kodi impulse control order to better communicate with him outside. She was clear with her directions and I saw a improvement his focus. is a fantastic