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First stage located 4 you claim erode at a garden Class fee: $85. Drop- fees are $15 night. Classes are once a week for 6 weeks on Friday evenings. Classes start at 6 pm and officially run until 7 pm but often run over. You are welcome on a drop- basis to classes you can make, but please let the instructor know advance they can plan the exercises appropriately. Classes fill quickly registrations are accepted on a first come basis. Our classes are limited size appropriate attention is given to each dog. Note: This class is held on 'as needed' basis. Instructors: Fox, Gaw This is for puppies 4 months or younger as of the first class date. This is the perfect age to provide your puppy playtime opportunity to interact with other puppies they can learn APPROPRIATE body language and interact correctly with other dogs. This two session course provide overview of the foundation skills needed to be a well mannered canine family member. This class is a great refresher for the seasoned dog owner, as well as a must-have class for the new puppy owner. Class Fee: $45 Whether you need a refresher course or wish to learn a new and better behavior with your canine companion, we have a class for you. The foundation to teaching a dog to exhibit self-control. Learn ways to communicate to your dog, This is not available to you right now. Exercises are taught to reinforce the command a non-punitive manner.... a language your dog understands! Does your dog ignore you when you call his name? Or worse, run the opposite direction? Learn exercises that reinforce name recognition and coming when called. Does constant pulling take all the fun out of your walks? Learn techniques to make that daily walk safer and more enjoyable. This two session class also review the pros and cons of various collars and head halters. Class fee: TBA. Classes fill quickly registrations are accepted on a first come basis. Our classes are limited size appropriate attention is given to each dog. 2018 Course Dates: Session 1: March 20, 12, 26, 3 Session 2: 10, 24, 7 Session 3: July 12, Aug 2, 23 Session 4: Sept 6, 20, Oct 4 Session 5: Nov 1, 15, Dec 6 Instructor: Voss To register, please email at to reserve your place the class. You may pay the first night of class. Cost $90 for a six-week session. This Class is ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN WITH YOUR DOG. This is for Puppies New Beginners to the sport of Freestyle. It be a mix of learning Platform Training, Teaching Tricks and Moving to Music with your dog. You learn how to teach some basic Freestyle Moves. It's a great way to Bond Have Fun with your Dog. It's also a good place to start if you just want to find out a little more about the sport of Freestyle and if this is something that you and your dog would enjoy. Freestyle is also a wonderful way to entertain with your Therapy Dog. Tuesdays, :30pm. Cost: $90 for a six-week session. This class is for those that want to go further with the sport, and the dog and handler know some basic moves and how to teach them. If you have already competed, have done demos for a while or taken a Beginner Freestyle Class, you can enroll this class. The class focus on Platform Training to teach Sides As A Position, Novice-Advanced Moves, How to start Choreography, Transitions Combinations, Using Props, etc. You do not have to have a to compete Freestyle for you and your dog to have FUN WITH THIS SPORT!!! Tuesdays, :30pm. Voss is our instructor for Canine Musical Freestyle and she has been involved the sport of Freestyle since 2000. is a Champion Level Competitor, Freestyle Instructor and Dog Trainer and a Judge for WCFO since 2006 She was named WCFO 2012 Trainer of the year and WCFO