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And easy to happy'' marriages the dogs milled light blanks away. One time, when I was there his back foot was swollen to the size of a baseball. Guess what nobody noticed. That's when I noticed that his pads on his feet were pink and tender he would walk on them. I knew that this dog has been sitting kennel for long periods of time and not getting worked like I was told he was. dog had loose stool, which I knew and dewormed him. The deworming pill did not help, because he didn't have worms. Ever time I would go there I asked about his stool and said, he was going to take him to the vet because his stool never firmed up, well he never did. I went over there on Friday and was playing with him and he went to the bathroom and had mucus and blood all his stool. It was a lot of blood. This was the last straw. was not there I vented to his assistant and told her I was very unhappy with the way dog and I have been treated. I told her I told her I wanted to talk to him. She was supposed to call me with a time to come the next day. She never called. I went over the next morning to talk to him. When I arrived his assistant said, it will be a few minutes because he was busy. He was cleaning the kennel. I would think that if one of customers were upset, that I would make time to talk to them. Well I waited for hour and half. Then a new customer showed up and he stopped what he was doing and went and talked to them. He never talked to me, I loaded up dog and left. He is the most unprofessional person I have ever had dealings with. He is like a used car salesman. He will con you with his gift of gab and his nice facilities. I took dog to Zion Kennels and had him evaluated to how much he learned for Well as I suspected dog has not seen any marks and has not been forced fetched, even though I was told he was almost done with this. dog has not even been the water. I wasted 1500 on dog sitting 's kennel. I now have him at Zion Kennel's Bonham, TX. This is a great kennel. I have already learned much from them. dog couldn't be happier. That sounds awful. I would really hate for it to be true that dog went through something like that. What made you decide on him? Did you think about training the dog yourself? How old is the dog? And, what made you decide on this new trainer? You might want to try training him yourself. I cant tell you the satisfaction of watching a dog you trained yourself. And on the upside, the bond between you and a dog that you trained yourself is priceless. Not to mention a lot cheaper. I found him on the internet and he was the closet to were I lived and I didnt really any negative comments about him. After I pick dog up from there and started talking to a few other professional trainers and they filled me on him and his methods. They say he preys on people like me. When I say me, I mean new to gun dog training and hunt test. dog is only 9 months old. I started training him myself when I got him as a puppy. I taught him to sit, stay, here, and come and few other tricks. I really loved working