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Was once recently ole law of dominance training died feb started I dove under a table and heard the gunshots, it lasted about 5 minutes. She's the only survivor the room where the carnage took place. 't you find it unbelievable that, after being threatened with two automatic weapons and learning from the gunmen where they wanted to go, she followed them inside WITH HER DAUGHTER TOW and went to the offices that they were looking for? If she typed the door code to save her and her daughter's life why did she go to the place she knew they were looking for? Why was she the only one who dove under the table and the only one who was neither injured nor killed? What about her daughter who witnessed everything? And this woman has a big photo the news as if there was anything to be proud of what she did. HCN @BAB I do believe Jews are capable of killing other Jews to achieve a greater purpose. No need to even speak about Jews killing Americans or others to advance their agenda. They did it times the past that it should be obvious fact by now. Concerning Zionists being angry at because of Palestine, I really doubt that's the case. The Jews completely own that country. It is like a Israeli extension. it is logical to think Jews wanted to acknowledge Palestine. To me it looks like big Jews are trying to get little Jews to think that they are soooo hated by the French and that they deserve to be killed by Muslims for being soooo mean with them. For those speaking French, I came across something really interesting. Je suis apparently is written a way Hebrew that can be read as Je suis We all know Jews play on words. It makes them feel superior. Nevertheless, they killed at least as much Jews and Muslims as Frenchmen. The first cop that was killed was a Muslim. And like Citizenfitz said, Hebdo spew much garbage against Christianity and everything associated. we shouldn't be to sad for them. Citizenfitz Something those of us here might want to look at and consider: most of it, or even the entire thing, is fake. If that cop on the sidewalk was killed with a head shot then why wasn't there explosion of blood like there would have to have been? And the if you look above his head you'll clearly what looks to be artifact from a blank not a high powered round impacting the sidewalk. Obviously the alleged round didn't hit the alleged cop's head. And if these guys were well organized why would they waste get away time to go shoot a who was obviously no threat? These questions alone raise big red flags. If this was another Jew false flag then they bungled it no less than they did 911 which has only been sustained by the amazing power of the mass media to convince people that snow is square. HCN @The Elder of Zyklon–B The pope should be called anti-pope as he is imposter posing as the head of the Catholic Church. He is not, even remotely, Catholic. He prays with Muslims, celebrates with Jews. Wants to completely corrupt what little is left of the old order. He is indisputably a heretic. He even prayed at the tomb of Theodor Herzl, the Jew who founded Zionism when he visited He shouldn't be compared with true Popes like Pius XII and the previous who were against all kind of filth and denounced over and over again communism and socialism. Wardance You forgot one very important thing Brother and I'm surprised. The President of François Gérard Georges Hollande, has recently called for détente with Russia and lifting the sanctions against Russia. This false flag that you describe also involves punishing for its attempt to make peace with Russia. Citizenfitz Just got off the phone with elected DC reps offices to say that this alleged massacre smells gefilte fishy; and that be planning some false flag ops here the US the near future. I think one of the staffers I spoke with