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Money whilst them attitude toward and the answer countryside allergies sign and words you tell it. When you are training it for being obedient, offer some of its fav biscuits when it does what you say. By this greediness the dob definitely be obedient when you want it to be. Good luck 🙂 I have a 3 month old Dobe and she used to be great at doing outside to and poop. Recently we have noticed that she hold the poop until we are inside the house and then the minute we look away she poops the house. We have tried going to longer walks, but she has managed to hold it. We have also tried showing her the poop at home and saying no and ignore her for a couple of minutes to show she has done something wrong, but she keeps on doing it. We also tried washing the floors with vinegar to get rid of any smell, but its not like she poops on the same spot always… any suggestions?? thanks, Mirialys Hi, I've a 3 months old doberman puppy. He likes to bite shoes, socks or whatever he saw on the floor. Can you advise me ways to stop him from biting? And he likes to bite hand and feet too. I've tried to said NO when he bites or beat him when he bite shoes but it doesn't seem working. He actually knows that is not right to bite but its just irresistible. Please help. Thanks Jenelle Puppies need to bite and chew as their teeth come through. Does your puppy have chew toys? It really is up to you to keep things you 't want chewed away from them. If you catch your pup chewing replace the chewed shoe with a chew toy. When your puppy bites your hand say no and turn away from the pup and ignore them for a minute or two. Hello all. ive just read all these coments and think they are really helpfull, apart from the obvious dumb nut. we have just rescued a 12 month old bitch and she is lovely only problem is hand biting far I look forward to training her to become a beautiful Girl.. 2 years ago, husband I adopted a Dobie at 7 weeks old. She was loving with everyone initially, but lately shown some aggression issues. She wasn't walked much this past we do not have a fenced yard. I took her to a ‘leash off' puppy area few times, but she was very aggressive with other dogs. she is aggressive with neighbors dogs whom we every day. Walking her is a nightmare as she lunges at every car, kid, person dog she sees, making it almost impossible to control her as she is 70 lbs; but she has to have exercise. When she looks outside the window sees cars people, she barks frantically runs around the house. I want to get her outside now that the weather is a little better. Vet says she is not a normal Doberman recommends Prozac more training for her. She completed 2 dog training classes before the was not aggressive with other people dogs then, but was fearful of them. It is difficult to not get angry at her, yelling shut up, stop it, no, no, no, as she pulls me off feet when I try to walk her, even just around our house, least of all past other houses. First, it's too hard to tell from your post what the aggression stems from. It's also not clear that this is aggression vs just the excitement of a high drive dog. Dobermans need training and mental stimulation every day. I have several suggestions for exercise. first question would be, how old is she now. Not knowing her age, I would say talk to your vet, but there are a several things that work. The first I would recommend is a dog scooter such as the one sold on k9kennels. This scooter would keep her under control while giving her a job while out and about experiencing the real world. Another great thing to try is a flirt pole. You can purchase them on line, or you can make one by buying a horse lunge whip and putting a pull toy on the end. There are tons of YouTube videos on flirt poles). You can also train her to fetch.