Training Your Dog To Walk On Leash

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One of the support judgment can extra time compared webportal I am very familiar with the theories and info the article.....anyone can do any kind of study and come up with results to prove their theories.......I used conventional wisdom and recommended approaches and studies and ALL of that crap years ago when kids were little and I regret most of it.......observation and instinct are our best tools.......please present things as they are .....opinion NOT facts. To everyone who recommends punishing or correcting a dog for growling: Why would you want to punish the dog for communicating a universal language? You would be hard-pressed to find someone, other than a very child, who does not know what a dog's growl means. Most people know that a growl means the dog is unhappy, uncomfortable, scared, pain, and or about to escalate its behavior, usually to a bite or snap. By punishing the growl, you are NOT telling the dog not to react nor are you giving it any reason to feel more comfortable the situation. You are, effect, telling the dog that you do not want a warning sign that the dog is uncomfortable. You are not preventing the dog from modifying the situation you are only preventing them from warning you audibly. Gellar, whether you agree with her training methods or not, has a really good way of describing communication with dogs She likens training dogs to teaching them how to understand English. Even if most of your cues to your dog are non-verbal, you are still teaching the dog entirely new language. Anyone who has taken a foreign language class school can attest to the difficulty of this. I'm not dog's leader I am his mummy. He follows me everywhere and watches me all the time, trying to anticipate what I do next, or ask him to do next. I've never tried to dominate him it would be pointless he is the most timid dog I know. He trusts me and knows I would never hurt him, and when I ask him to do something, even if it's something he hates he do it because I asked him to. He obeys on first command about 90% of the time, and he learns new commands within 5 mins of training He is a to have. I think of him as furry toddler. Basically, dogs are like neotenous wolves wolves that have never fully grown up. They stay like adolescents they're still dependent on their parents We can be gentle parents or draconian parents its our choice. When they misbehave they aren't trying to dominate they are just testing their limits like toddlers do. Being firm and consistent is best, you needent be violent or aggressive with them. Training isn't about intimidation, or teaching who is boss its about reprogramming the mind to make the dog behave a certain way. Hi guys, let me start by saying; I both sides of the argument and also I'm 35 years old and the last of the being spanked generation parents me and we get along great. I look back as adult now and realize I deserved it for the things I did or said and am better now because of it. I'm not scarred for life and fact am honest, college educated with a psychology and law enforcement degree, tax paying contributing member of society with a steady job and have a loving wife and kid. I the sense of entitlement the generations that preceded mine and it makes me sick. They expect to graduate college and get 6 figure jobs out the gate for doing nothing. That's lead up to this forum. I'm not talking about a specific dog here or breed of dog. I have trained family pets whole life. I was born to a dog family. We have owned a black lab, golden retriever, maltice, losa opsa, shepherd and most recently a Siberian husky. All were adopted and only the lab and retriever were puppies. Training is a curve of opinions. I'm not on the extreme left or right of the issue but all the dogs family turned out to be happy, healthy and obedient members of the family. Some correction is needed and lots of positive reinforcement is needed. And yes I believe being the to the dogs a non-threatening way. They all respected that and didn't fear me they just had a sense of structure and knew what was acceptable the household and what wasn't. I made our dogs walk and out of the house after me I filled the food bowl, let them watch and pretended to eat some before I gave it to them and firmly made them get off the couch. When they were tugging on the leash for walks at the beginning I would stop, turn around and start walking a different way. Again they got the hint and