Training A Dog To Hunt Foxes

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Being trained police increase ( the string harness stays on accident Schutzhund training, but it would also cover the majority of pet dog owners who play tug or anything similar to tug with their dogs. Go figure. One local Council I have spoken to is taking a dim view of the Schutzhund training and I believe has is making a point of targetting them. I have asked the Council how of the Schuthund trained dogs have posed a problem within the community. far there's been no answer to that. K9: There is no reason why obedience cannot be trained to the same level without protection training? Perhaps you achieved a higher level of training with your last dog as adding protection training to a dog have required a higher level of obedience to satisfy the trainer that you had control of a dog that could cause harm. Personally, I would protection train a dog just to get a high level of obedience...There are good reasons to train a dog personal protection, this one wouldn't satisfy me to train your dog though.. Ta for the responses re: schutzhund. From the reading I have done, I it as a sport, harnessing the existing ability of the dog and a very positive thing to do but was just curious on the councils take on it. Doesn't surprise me at all roll eyes Sorry to go slightly OT but thanks. Bec. Bec. protection training is not legal unless you are a licenced security guard and training with a company. Your dog have to be classed as a dangerous dog and comply by the law. Not me, the law. PM me if you got any questions about your pup ETA Knucklebuster I know what you mean. A dog with a 'job' is more enthusiastic about responding for you then a dog that does repetitive obedience for the sake of it. Thankyou for all your posts. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. regards to the training, I believe I have put more of effort with than with previous Rotty but the results would say otherwise. Hence, why I would like to train Knuckles this field. Please rest assured, I have not, and NEVER train a dog to become a weapon; they are part of our family If I had way anyone who owns animal you should need a licence and mandatory 'basic obedience' training. If all pets had basic obedience, I believe we wouldn't any of these 'negative' stories about dogs attacking people 'for no reason'. The reason for name it is dogs names: we have a 'nearly 12 year old going on 12 month old!' Rotty named and a new little friend for him, a 12 week old Rotty named Knuckles I did try a few other names but all taken. Can anyone provide details on where a 'Schutzhund' training centre is the western suburbs of Melbourne. And maybe explain a little more about the '3 phases'? K9 I mean a dog that just does repetitive obedience when it genetics can do much more. how breeds have the standard not good with repetitive work. Chop and change and the dog do something. Protection training works on defense as well as prey drive the dog gets more out of it then just doing obedience for a tug toy, treat or Thanks for the explanation of your name, KB although I recognise I was not entitled to it and you didn't have to give it. Paints a better picture than that which I was originally forming mind. It is difficult sometimes to know who you're really talking to over the net and whether that person is responsible or not sometimes I get a bit guarded, especially when I think the outcome for the dog s could not be favourable. I 't know of any Schutzhund training schools over the suburbs. Have