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The dogs and machine gun barrages fails temporarily and attacks respond to his commands he was to roll this poor dog on her back. While I was there he had done this at least ten times. i really talked to them about how this was not the right approach but they would not listen to reason. I gave them card the hopes that they would call me and get thehelp this dog and kid needed as well as the whole family. I was really concerned for the safety of thei kid because this had been done to this dog since she was a puppy and she was now over a year old and a very poewrful 60lb dog. A couple of weeks went by and i ran into some others at the park that knew the family. I asked how they were doing. I have to say I was not surprised by what they told me but was very sad and just wanted to scream tot he world thank you for destroying another dog and family. I was told that the dog had finally had enough and literally bit half the kids face off and he was the hospital with major injuries to his face and neck. Ofcourse they put the dog down for this. I am asking others that have posted comments that say using violence against dogs is the way to go i you think of this story when you use violence against your dog. This could have easily been prevented with compassionate positive training but this was not the case with this family and with others out there that subscribe to the Dominace based theory that dogs have to be what we want them to be. Training dogs should be about choice for both humans and dogs. hen that choice is taken away and replaced with violence we get violence right back. sincerely, Dennis Fehling CPDT @aacealo, haven't you heard positive doesn't mean permissive? No one is saying you should ignore growling, not even this article. But if a member of your household says I 't like that do you smack that person and say Never say that again!? I not. What we tend to do is help that household member find the skills to deal with it if they have to, or make sure the situation doesn't come up. And I've seen plenty of parents raise their children without smacks, taps or spankings, and the children learn limits, respect, discipline, and good behavior mine own included. To the people who think that spanking is appropriate to raise kids, and that correction is the way to raise dogs, allow me to share a couple of stories. First, I was stepmom to two great boys. It's inappropriate, however, to spank other people's kids. And, I am the proud owner of incredibly well behaved therapy dog who has a CGC and a new Tricks Title from Do More with Your Dog She's also the official volunteer mascot of a pet elder program at a regional non-profit agency and does public appearances. The thing that you are missing is that it isn't physical punishment, per se, that is important changing behavior. It's CONSEQUENCES. The reason people resort to spanking kids, or to chastising dogs physically, is that they never learned how to correctly manipulate consequences that were more benign, yet effective. The very FIRST time your kid tantrums the grocery store, did you leave the cart and walk out, insuring that they would NOT get the candy bar, or be able to do whatever they were upset about? If not, the child learned that there was no significant consequence, and would be more likely to try a tantrum again to get what it wanted. Same with dogs. The FIRST time your dog pulled on the leash, did you stand like a tree and not move, or did you, the way most humans do, allow your arm to leave your side If you did, the dog learned that pulling get it closer to the thing it was headed for. The shift back toward punishment training is appalling and unnecessary. Back for a second to dog. I have had her since she was 9 weeks old. She has never been choked, pinched, shocked, or even heard the word No! Yet she goes to health fairs, outdoor events, nursing homes,