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To KRLA dogs taiwan of all outstanding behavioral thus dog our dog that extra time before we had to say goodbye. We be forever grateful for that! Smith Freeport, Barker's Veterinarian: Dr. Purvis Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Purvis recommends or endorses our products. 12 2014 One year ago 2013 8 year old shitzu Bodie started acting funny. He seemed to have neck pain and had stopped eating and was just not himself. I took him to the vet and for several days we ran tests trying to figure out what was wrong with him. He had been to the vet and his blood work was normal the beginning we weren't running that. 2 weeks or passed and he wasn't getting any better, we had him on antibiotics, 2 doses of muscle relaxers and I was watching baby melt away from me. We finally did blood work, and I remember the floor falling out from under me. When the blood work came back he was diagnosed as being full kidney failure. His BUN was 95 and his Creatinine was 7. I was shocked. We did fluids every day for 2 weeks and I was sent home with a dismal prognosis. I was given a special diet for him and the chances of him making it to Christmas was unheard of. I took him to a second vet who did X-rays and confirmed that baby had shrivelled to no kidneys and again I was told he had less than a month to live. After the shock calmed down, I started researching and praying. I put him on the soft kidney food, I agreed to Azodyl and Epakitin from the Vet, I added veggies and fruits to his diet. He started feeling better and I started to feel I found Canine Kidney and started Bodie on the blood and drops. He has been on them for a year now. Well I am happy to report it has been a year, and yesterday we received the most incredible news ever. ALL of Bodie's bloodwork is back to normal. His BUN is at 20 and his creatinine is at 2. I give thanks to people for this miracle, for all the prayers of healing, for vet who understood search for natural products and for the of God leading me to your site and product! I read the stories on here and never thought I would be posting a success story about baby boy! We be celebrating his 9th birthday on Christmas!!! Thank you with all heart!!!! Tamara Duran Robins, IA Bodie's Veterinarian: Dr. Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. This does not necessarily imply that Dr. recommends or endorses our products. 09 2014 I'm not that great English but try to put a story together as best as I can! dogs name is and according to the tests done back 2012 she suppose to be gone from life by the end of 2012! Words can't explain how I felt hearing the verdict from the Vet! I took to the hospital for ultrasound just to double check on some type of the growth she had her groin area that was x- rayed at her regular vet office, but left the hospital heart broken! Yes there was a good news about that growth- it was not a hernia but simple fat pocket! But… The vet gave me another news which was crushing heart. While doing ultrasound she saw there was something wrong with the way 's kidney looked, I agree to full ultrasound of them. Minutes later I got this horrible news- her kidney looked like on the dog who's 15 years old! Couldn't understand much of these big medical words and terminology! What had gone to head was how is this possible?!?! was just 1 years old! What have I done to kill puppy!!! God only knows how I got back home driving and crying and wiping tears. Blaming self for all this! I was told she has 3 months of a life and after all test were done that day she was given a RX for medication and special food. Going little bit back before all this hit me at the face I tell you briefly that after was spayed at 9 month of her age I noticed she started to drink more water then usually. Took her to the vet just to hear 't worry mama she's fine and just 't give all the water she wants. Keep it under control. I tried And poor would beg me for water I kept the dish full and just keep changing and washing her bed because every nap she took she would get up being wet. Took her back to vet and was told again its probably nothing and that some dogs get like that after being spayed. O well Then this growth came on 's groin area and I just decided to go and different Vet and I did. This is how I end up with hospital