Trained Attack Dog

And Defense Recommendation Handler Display At Nothing Beats

1st cavalry 1970 that donations dog trainer offer engine failure 375th Airlift Wing, AFB, IL Was with North ANG, but transferred to Michigan ANG at Battle Creek 2008. Returned to USAF TAIL: 85 85 Rockwell B-1B Lancer Lot IV Transfers to AMARC from 0059 named Better with 96th Wing Sep 1991. Named of Abilene II with 9th BS 2010 named Reach Out and Touch Someone with 127th BS, Kansas ANG 2000. Named Possee Jul 2005 with 34th BS, 28th BW. 0062 named Skydancer with 96Th BW Aug 1989. To AMARC Aug 21 as BT0002. stands 'celebrity row' at AMARC. Still at AMARC 15 0063 caught fire midair near Dyess AFB Oct 4. All four crewmembers ejected safely. 0064 named Eliminator with 96th BW Oct 1989. Named Underdog with 28th Wing Apr 1992. Named Wichita KS Intertribal Warrior Society with 127th BS, 184th BW Jul 1997. Was scheduled to go to AMARC Sep 2003, but was not sent. 0065 to AMARC Sep 26 0066 right main undercarriage caught fire on landing at Andersen AFB, Guam Sep 15. Crew exited the aircraft without injury, but aircraft suffered over 32 million dollars of damage. AFM Apr 2006. Repairs underway using parts removed from B-1Bs stored at AMARC and moved to Guam. Test flown Jun 11, to be ferried to Tinker AFB, for completion of reapirs 0067 named Wild Thing with 96th BW Apr 1989. To AMARC Mar 25 as BT0014. Noted stored at Edwards AFB Fall 2003. Still on AMARC inventory 15 0069 named with 96th Wing Jun 1992. Named Home Improvement with 127th BS 2000 named Excalibur with 96th BW Sep 1989. Suffered inflight hydraulic failure. Nose gear-up landing made at Edwards AFB. To AMARC as BT0005 Aug 26. Still on AMARC inventory 15 0071 named Liberator with 96th Wing Oct 1991. To AMARC Aug 23 as BT0003 first B-1 to AFB, SD 13. To AMARC as BT0023 Mar 24 O074 named Penetrator with 96th Wing Apr 1992. to Block D Nov 1998, also had Towed Decoy System fitted. 0075 named Banshee with 28th BW Jun 1991. to Block D 1998, also had Towed Decoy System fitted. Named Demolition with 37th BS 28th BW 1997 crashed on landing at AFB Nov 17. All 4 crewmen ejected safely. 0077 named Pride of South with 77th BS, 28th BWS Jul 1993. to Block D Jun 1999. To AMARC as BT0030 19. Seen at Nellis AFB Nov 12, must have been returned to service. 0078 named Heavy Metal with 28th Wing Jun 1992. Crashed Sept 19, Azada, Montana. Flew into during training mission. All 4 crew killed. 0079 to AMARC as BT0031 Jun 30. Returned to service. 0080 named Wichita Thunder with 127th BS, Kansas ANG Feb 2001 named Equalier with 28th BW Jul 1988. Nosegear collapsed at Garcia Dec 14. This caused the B-1 fleet to be grounded pending inspection of the nose landing gear. The plane had taken off from Garcia on the way back to but was forced to return due to abnormal nose landing gear indication. It landed and taxied back to its parking spot, idled for a while, then the nose just fell to the Named After Shock with 127th BS 184th BW Sep 2000 Named Gunsmoke with 96th Wing 1992. To AMARC Sep 19 as BT0017. Still on AMARC inventory 15. To at Seattle, WA for fatigue testing Oct 26 0083 named Dark with 28th BW Jul 1988. to Block D, also had Towed Decoy System fitted. 0084 converted to Block D Jun 1999. Named Brute Force with 37th BS 28th BW 1996 and Hard Rain with 34th BS 28th BW 2006 named 1 with 28th BW Jun 1993. to Block D Jun 1999 named My Mistress with 28th BW Jun 1992. to Block D Aug 1999. To AMARC Sep 11 as BT0008. Still on AMARC inventory 15 0087 named Gremlin with 28th BW Sep 1987. To AMARC as BT0022 Mar 11. Returned to service Mar Apr