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Find the strengths dog is wearing instead opting to media sleep, put the carrier that spot. Place his her favorite toy, blanket or food the carrier. Leave the door open and wait until your animal volunteers to nap inside. 't rush it. This can be a safe place for the animal, a familiar place to rest safely. Work toward the point where you can close the door to the carrier without causing distress. Leave the room once the door is secured and your companion animal is comfortable the carrier. Your companion animal needs to become accustomed to being the carrier without you. Increase the amount of time she is the carrier with the door closed until she can stay about one and a half times the flight time. 't feed your companion animal for at least six hours before departure time. Most companion animals travel better on empty stomach, and if they do get sick they not soil themselves. Using a spray such as Feliway or Rescue Remedy on the carrier before placing a cat it help reduce stress. Some airlines allow passengers to supervise the loading of their companion animals, but you must request this privilege. As as you get on the plane, politely ask the flight attendant to remind the captain that live animals are the cargo hold and that the heating or cooling controls need to be turned on and the cargo hold pressurized. If the only time your companion animal gets into the car is to go visit the veterinarian a person who sticks it with needles then he or she is going to be very apprehensive about getting into a car to take a drive. To acclimate your animal to car travel, start with both of you sitting the car with the engine on. Gradually build up to a trip around the block, then try a visit to a park farther away. If your dog is to remain loose the car, he she must learn that the driver's seat and area are off limits. Now is the time to teach this, also. Pet stores stock special restraint devices that secure your animal to the seatbelt buckle or to the seatbelt itself. If you are involved automobile accident, the restraining device keep your companion animal from crashing into the front window or car seat. The restraint also keep your animal inside the vehicle and away from the driver. If you're traveling by pickup truck, states require your dog be tethered if he she travels the cargo bed. Regardless of the law, any animal riding the bed of a truck should not just be tethered but cross-tied that falling or leaping over the side is impossible. Be sure to learn the law the state you're visiting. At present, Amtrak does not allow companion animals to travel on its trains. Some commuter trains and smaller train operations allow a companion animal to travel the baggage car a carrier Check with your local railroad to verify that it allows companion animals on board. If you are vacationing on your boat, remember to treat your companion animal as if he she were a child. This means putting a flotation vest on your companion animal. While dogs are natural swimmers, they can tire easily and drown before they reach the shore. It also means not letting your companion animal stand on the bow of boat where a sudden shift throw the animal into the water if you are lucky it throw your companion animal clear of the boat and its propellers. Above all, do not let your companion animal ride a boat while it is being towed. Some cruise liners allow companion animals to travel special holds but prohibit them from passenger cabins. If your cruise liner visits a foreign country or Hawaii, quarantine laws require your companion animal to be confined from two weeks to six months. animal quarantine is boarded at your own expense. Any companion animal you take into the wilderness must know how to instantly sit, stay, heel, and come on command, for his own safety as well as yours. However, taking a dog along on a hiking trip has allowed women and men to backpack solo. Most dogs are capable of carrying a backpack that weighs up to a third of their own weight. Dogs are prone to agitate bears and have been known to lead them into campgrounds. If you plan to go camping bear country, best leave your dog at home. any case, do not let your dog wander.