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Much 3 same regularly are 6134th likely Huxley's overcompensate gaining behavioral science findings, and the science behind what works best unique situations and why: That's a win-win for you and for us. You can learn more about our certifying bodies through the links below: Our mission is to alleviate fear, anxiety and stress pets and educate and inspire the people that care for them. Fear Free is dedicated to creating a world where every pet experiences Fear Free at every stage his life from shelters and breeders, to homes, veterinary visits, trainers, groomers, pet sitter, dog parks, transportation, enrichment and more. Our new puppy has benefitted greatly from working with and Pawsitive Practice. We met the trainer, the puppy kindergarten class and hired her for private home training. She was excellent training our dog, and training us humans too! We receive compliments about how well-behaved and well-adjusted is at 5 months old thanks to her work with I highly recommend Pawsitive Practice for helping you with your dog's manners and behavior. Kelly Butcher, Johns Creek I highly recommend Matthews and Pawsitive Practice. I had taken a dog and got over head. As the the dog matured, she became more animal aggressive with other dog. incredible experience for our family and our new puppy! I can't recommend Pawsitive Practice highly enough. Not only did it help us with chewing, jumping on the furniture, and jumping on people, but it was really fun for our kids, and they have a great way to play, train, and bond with our six month old rescue puppy! Dr. Gribble Hedlund, Alpharetta April is amazing! Our girl is very reactive. April has been great with her, taking it slow and explaining why she is doing what she is doing. Today for the first time was the presence of a stranger and she ended up relaxed enough to lay down and almost fell asleep at the end of the session. This is wonderful and I am exited to her continue this progress! Cumming. A rumor states that President Obama pays his dog trainer $102 a year tax-payer money. Today we'll take a look at this accusation. This accusation gained popularity as the 2012 election cycle heated up. There was a popular chain email entitled Barack Obama's 32 Month Report Card by which assertions were made, including: The chain email did not provide any sources for the claims being made. A later variant reads: The only dog trainer that has been reported for was -Stasiewicz. According to Wikipedia, The Obamas received the pet of 2009, and the training by Ms. Sylva-Stasiewicz had already occurred three months earlier, 2009. Her obituary points out that she didn't know the dog was headed for the White House: Ms. -Stasiewicz passed away on 12. She founded Merit Puppy Training the 1990s and co-wrote a book 2010 entitled, You can read interview with her from 2009 here. The Obamas did catch some flack 2009 when a story showed that White House horticulturist Haney was spotted walking not after the first family vowed to be responsible owners. Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and -Stasiewicz had a sort of public disagreement about the quality of 's training. A meme circulated 2013 which compared this $102 figure with that of Navy Seals. The meme includes the phrase plus perks which appears to be addition to the original claim that a trainer was simply on retainer. The book Presidential Perks Gone Royal claims that and a handler flew alone, and asserts that this handler was paid $102 per year. As the book description on Amazon reads: A dog is also always on hand. One was reported to be paid $102 a year to walk and pick up after