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Error code or ( second labradoodle into our commerce partners find the next morning. I spent the evening packing Leissl's crate with blankets, towels to wet to keep her cool, towels to keep her comfortable, ice chest full of frozen chicken breast pieces I'd spent the weekend preparing, block, dog brush, people brush, chair, dog toys, water bowl, several pairs of shorts and tops for wardrobe to chose from, and a host of other miscellaneous items that suggested we bring along. There were people hospitality whose job it was to make sure there would be plenty of water for everyone, which was a thankful bit of news, but I brought a jug of our water, too. At midnight, I set the alarm for 4 a.m. Because I feared not hearing the alarm at such early hour, a friend who is regularly up that early volunteered to call me. It worked. I was on feet saying Hello while the was still hiding. I had barely slept, but Leissl had no problem getting shut-eye. We arrived at Park 10 minutes early. After setting up our crates, unpacking, and eating breakfast, it was time to get on to the set, which was now full of people doing all sorts of jobs. The entire park was rented for the day and unless you were meant to be there, you weren't allowed entry. The cost of this day had to be remarkable. The Labs' Marley-type behaviors had to be place and reliable by now. Reputations, and the movie's success, depended on that. I walked out blue shorts, tank top, tennis shoes, Doberman Rescue cap, and sunglasses, and was given the except for sunglasses. They were too contemporary and not resistant to the stage light glare. I was fitted with a huge '90s-style pair of sunglasses, while the other extras' outfits were also evaluated and fixed where necessary. All of us were photographed our outfits by the continuity department, case we needed to return for a second day. Then it was on to the first scene. The three stars- Turner, Aniston, and -arrived on the grassy set. All of us stood quietly. Of those handlers I spoke to our group, none had done movie work before, seeing the celebrities took a few moments to absorb. There were stand-ins for each too. Their job was to go through the physical motions of a scene cameras and lights could be set correctly. The three stars each had personal assistants, who were right beside them with shade umbrellas whenever the camera was not rolling. The Marleys had their crates beneath the shade trees. The extras got to go under shade trees between scenes, but between takes handlers could provide shade for their dogs by standing over them. The first scene included the arrival of the class. A few of us were chosen to be latecomers, and Leissl and I were the latest. the Labradoodle, was picked to walk up to Turner, who was having a conversation with reached into the black treat bag hanging off her hips and she threw kisses to as she fed her a treat. John Grogan, the author of the book Marley and Me, had described the real-life trainer Turner was portraying as a dominatrix dog trainer, and the actress was true to the role. A few new members were added to our obedience group on the day of the shoot. John Grogan and his wife were flown out from Pennsylvania to the set to join the class. Mr. Grogan was given a lovely terrier mix to handle, while his wife handled the Weimaraner who had attended rehearsal. I had brought Marley and Me book on the the author would be on the set. I approached Mr. Grogan for autograph at the end of our lunch break, and later, during a scene break, I darted across the drill circle to ask him a burning question. If I don't ask you this, I said, I'll shoot myself. This is why I like writing more than speaking. writing, I could delete that shoot myself part and say something more like what a sane person would say, such as I'll be very disappointed myself. However, I just kept barreling along and said, Has the obedience instructor this scene revolves around ever contacted you? I could not believe she kicked you out of class. Obviously, you and Marley needed more help than anyone. He told me that a lot of people had recognized themselves the book and had written to him, but she was not one of them. What? How could she not herself? I was obviously more annoyed than he was by then, but training rescue dogs do that to you. Marley could very well have become a statistic after being exiled from obedience class if his dog parents weren't John and Grogan. Mr. Grogan