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Job done and west: equality roll wow and southeast regional clients 't know this I also include a lot of own prayers. That was a month ago and last week I received a phone call from client. Her dad was not suffering any pain and was not using much Morphine. She took him to the specialist and they ran tests. All the tests showed his cancer was total remission. Needless to say all the doctors were flabbergasted. The feeling I got from this news is indescribable, nothing could possibly be more rewarding. 1988 Dear Marijah McCain and family, Only last week I sent order for a number of products and was delighted and indeed surprised by the efficiency and quality of your service. order was received within 5 days, which is truly remarkable given I am Kong! For the record, I have been the finance export import field for 10 years and this has to rate as the best shipment yet. This impressed me much it is clear that you have a strong commitment to quality and service. Seeing that I immediately felt I could trust your products and services and study courses. 1998 Thank you for information. As a member and newsletter subscriber, I always eagerly look forward to receiving newsletters. The information contained them is always eye-opening and hits home regarding our responsibility to ourselves and others to learn as much as we can and stay informed of the changes taking place our world related to our health, and out ability to continue to obtain herbs and supplements the future. As a student of the herbal courses at present, with the to continue the ND program, I find a wealth of information that I can trust and use each day for own benefit and the benefit of others. As I read lessons, I stand awe at the way Marijah McCain writes, and makes me think for myself. I find myself reading out loud to parents about fascinating findings, healing properties of herbs, and the whole concept of a better life thru natural ways. Thanks again to all of you who help make this possible. I have found a great new friend HHA with the security of knowing that what I am told is believed practiced and shared for the hopes of all who dare to ask for a better life, better health and better healing. A grateful student. July 1988 The herbology course empowered me to heal myself. It taught me to teach others how to heal themselves. I have always been aware of the medical monopoly but now I feel I can explain the atrocity to other people a coherent way. This course has given me the confidence to demand personal right to be healed the way I believe healing happens. It has really made me realize the struggle and importance of keeping herbology and herbs legal for healing purposes. This course motivated me to seriously clean up diet. It gave me a practical straight forward guide to herbal dosages and how to administer herbs. the beginning of the course, I had a strong interest herbs, now I have a passion for them! I plan to proceed with the HHA Naturopathic Doctor program. 1988 I wanted to if this would help husbands Parkinson's, especially the shaking hands. Before taken husbands hands shook bad he could hardly get a spoon or fork to his mouth. After the program he can control his hands to almost normal. He is not on any other medication for Parkinson's. He took it for a month. Marijah McCain 's comments: This is truly remarkable and certainly worth a try for anyone suffering from Parkinson's. Maybe, just maybe, the parasites have something to do with the destruction of the nervous system. 1988 I am treating chronic constipation. I had 1 or 2 bowel movements per week since twins were born 4 years ago! This formula has given me a whole new outlook on life and especially the use of herbs. I was constant pain and cramping from the backed-up bowels. stomach was always distended and I felt horrible. I was blocked up, at one point doctor sent me to a specialist who said spleen was enlarged and wanted to do all sorts of testing. I am glad I found you. Thank you. Marijah McCain 's comments: I have always been a big advocate on proper bowel movements as this is one of the main keys to keeping the body healthy and moving out any pathogens that cause disease. Constipation leads to all sorts of problems, the