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The belligerent (on bolivian task about feb professional good medical if there truly was no way to reverse or treat the condition naturally I did internet search and found you. dog's BUN number was 42 at the time of first inquiry to you. I decided the investment time and money was small if the products, therapies and formulas you offered did indeed help critter and her quality of life. second call to you was a month after receiving how to booklet and formulas from you. I just returned from the vet's office where I waited with baited breath as the test results were returned. I remember he walked into the examining room with the paperwork and said well, whatever you are doing, keep it up!! Her BUN number was down to 31, a drop of 11 points and almost the normal range!! I was elated and feeling rather smug as I left. When I reported this to she said we could get L.D. into the normal range and to do the program for another 3 weeks. As I work out of town a lot, I had a house sitter who was administering the formula drops and food. After absence of almost 2 months I returned to a slim, bouncy cocker who looked great and much younger than her 13 years. Back to the vet we went for another blood test.This time the BUN had elevated a few points which I attribute to the fact that house sitter not have been as diligent with the administration of the drops as she should have been. Regardless, the vet was happy with the test results and told me again to stay with whatever I was doing. L.D. has been on all three of your food recipes with the latest being the raw meat veggie combo as per 's suggestion. This morning she was barking at me to hurry up and get the food into her bowl as she danced around the kitchen. She loves it especially with the Dog Greens mixed I get another blood test but feel that regardless of the outcome your products have made a remarkable difference the health and vitality of dog. Her accidents have all but stopped and she gets compliments from her fan club all the time as to how and perky she looks. THANKS from both L.D. and her Mom!! Judy Hildebrand and L.D. Rising Fawn, GA Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. fourteen year old mini-schnauzer, Bomber, has been with me since he was 8 weeks old. I can't even begin to tell you what he means to me. He's always had regular check ups and been healthy but Sept '08 I was thrown a curve ball! His blood work suddenly showed elevated BUN of 36mg and Creatinine of 2mg meaning early signs of kidney disease. Naturally I panicked and looked to Vet for help and the only suggestion offered was changing his food to a renal specialty at which I was appalled since these are poison themselves. I found the Five Leaf and with much skepticism ordered the cleaning and started preparing the sweet potato greens recipe provided on the website. I was really quite skeptical and even called to return the but after much thought I realized there was nothing to loose and maybe it would help. HALLELUJAH!! After going thru 2 cycles Bomber's BUN dropped to 20 and Creatinine to 1!!!! I am a believer!! He is back playing like a pup, has the strut back his step, and wants to eat constantly I absolutely continue his new diet and the maintenance program. I urge anyone if need to try this; it worked for us and hopefully it for you. Thank you for your patience with me and