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Second one i ( make a wish need to use tricks a treat. I do watch them on a web cam from work. All of these other areas that 't allow crating is interesting, it never even occurred to me that it was a possibility. This brings me to wonder: Is there also legislation about the types of collars you can use on dogs? For example, prong collars and slip chains are legal here, it kills me when I a prong collar on a dog with a handler that has no idea how to use one. When previous batch of dogs were I was taught school to use a prong collar and I did, carefully, with all three. This is one of those cringing moments for me, although the boys were happy enough to use them. I can't imagine the girls putting up for a minute with a prong collar. No doubt they'd just sit and refuse to move and look at me like I'm alien. Washington state has counties restricting Pit Bulls, not sure about Oregon, but certainly there is a strong push towards restricting ‘muscled dogs'. I live Portland OR. The dog community here is very strong and active, however the community of non-dog people is as active. the recent years there has been a strong push to inforce leash laws, to keep dogs out of certain areas for example farmers market, and a slew of dog ‘rangers' have been hired to patrol and ticket off-leash dog owners. I do not go to fenced dog parks. I like to take walks with dog roaming swimming etc. Increasingly I have encountered dogs with no training no recall and their owners with very little understanding of dog behavior. People who have no interest taking time to train their dogs, that even if they try to call the dog back they cannot and fall back on dogs be dogs. Routinely I dogs jumping on joggers, kids, people without dogs, routinely I a complete lack of understanding or trying to be ‘polite'. I would very much like to a discussion happen our communities, followed by new rules. I would like dog parks to be dismantled, test given annually at the time of license renewals. The color of the tag would indicate what that particular dog is able to do. I would like to one rule implemented immediately: if you can recall your dog, keep it leashed! The crate thing….I put pups xpens. I grew up and we restricted our pups put down paper and potty trained them. I cannot remember seeing adult dog a cage, unless it was a hunting or guard dog? I use crates for transport and at dog sport events, but I do think they are too restrictive for 8hour day. And they are hard on old dogs with painful joints. …and regarding the potty training period for pups as well as adult rescue, Yes I do set alarm at night. It doesn't take that a week or two for pups, days for adults. I do keep them Xpens during that time, folding it smaller for at risk times and larger, or adding a second one for low risk times. I live Corvallis, Oregon which is a fairly dog-friendly town. We take our dogs to restaurants with outdoor seating, with no problems. most parks town, dogs are allowed A couple of parks have off-leash areas, not fenced, and there is a fairly new 2-acre fenced dog park downtown. We do a lot of outdoor stuff–dogs are allowed most National Forests and Wilderness areas, off leash as as they are under control. The exception is during the winter, where there are National snow park trailheads for cross-country skiing or snowmobiles, some of which are specifically dog-friendly and others which prohibit dogs. We've also done Paddle Oregon, a 5-day group paddling trip with our dogs, camping state parks overnight, with no problem. The dogs loved the opportunity to swim the river on rest stops, and we kept them on-leash camping areas, with some off-leash frisbee fetch open areas. I've noticed that most parks, with leash requirements or not, have poop-bag dispensers Not everyone picks up after their dogs, but it seems that most people do. Oregon, some counties and cities are pretty dog-friendly, but others are not. At least 2 agility training facilities have been closed down the past 2 years, because dog training