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Or it could 1 greenwood state 31 6201rd expert dog their fearful dog handling skills. Topics include: 1 CEU for CPDTs. Please send us your name and ID# after the webinar we can have it applied to your account with the CCPDT. Once you register you have access to discounts on books and consultations! Registrations are transferable Let us know if you can't make it to the webinar you registered for and we'll provide you with a link to a future webinar. presents seminars internationally for people interested being more effective handlers of fearful dogs. This webinar has also been presented to students Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers. Contact us about group rates for this webinar. This information is important and we want to make it affordable and accessible to the people who play important role the lives of these dogs. Join already scheduled webinar or arrange for a private webinar for your staff or caregivers. This recording be available for viewing for one week after purchase. You receive the link by email within 24hrs of purchase. This webinar is 1 hr and 15 mins length. $24 All times are Eastern Standard Time which is the current time New York City. This webinar is 1 hrs and includes the opportunity to ask questions. January 11 1pm EST January 23 10am EST January 28 1pm EST $24 There be a lag time between submitting your payment and receiving email with information about logging into the webinar. Registrations are handled manually You are welcome to email if you have concerns. The webinar is hosted on FUZE if you want to check out whether your computer support it. Most participants are able to watch and listen on their computer or tablet. If audio is a problem there is a dial- number. Thanks for your interest! Click on date below to view drop down menu with options. Contains training advice and activities compiled by 's owner including games, how to begin when working with a fearful dog, how dogs learn and how to help any dog with fears. It is informative resource for owners and rescuers. This book was a finalist the 2008 Dog Writers of Writer's Competition! Don't be misled by training techniques that scare or hurt your dog. Be your dog's best friend and learn how to effectively change your dog's behavior by changing how he feels. You CAN help your dog! you have loads of your great book stock...just told 150 folks Toronto, 60 Rochester,MN and about 150 Pittsburgh to order it post haste. Sarah Kalnajs Just to tell people when they do a terrific job. This is a great site for people who are dealing with nervous, shy or fearful dogs. I am glad there is a lot of information on the site instead of just ads. Hopefully, it help keep a few lucky dogs from being institutionalized! I know this site requires a lot of work! Thanks J. Our canine companions cannot speak but that does not mean they cannot communicate with us. Dogs use body language to tell us if they are relaxed, stressed, afraid or upset. Learn what signs to look for different regions of your dog's body so you can support your animal's feelings. Learn how to use body language during training to understand how different training techniques impact how our pets feel. This 1 hour webinar was designed for anyone who loves dogs! Whether you are a veterinarian, a veterinary technician, groomer, a dog parent or just a dog lover this class help you understand dog language better! When you purchase this webinar you also receive a handout to help you takes notes. Find out why your dog whines, barks or lunges at other animals or people and learn ways to help him or her become less reactive. Is your dog really aggressive or scared? This seminar discusses the underlying issues that cause our dogs to act out and how we can identify them. The the seminar focuses on what we can do to make life easier for our dogs and ourselves when dealing with these issues. This 1 hour webinar was designed for anyone who has a dog that barks, lunges or acts out when taking them to new places or when meeting new people or dogs. When you purchase this webinar you also receive a handout to help you takes notes. How Animals Learn Webinar This webinar teaches the basics of dog learning behavior. Do you know why your dog runs to the door and barks at the mail man? Does your dog beg when you eat dinner? Learn how we can use basic theories of dog behavior to teach your dog new things. Also learn why dogs learn these common misbehavior's