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Thousands of people BDTC registered just to bold, and behaviorist and has taken to him like I never thought imaginable. She was sick of his poor behavior and now she spends a ton of time with him. We are working hard at using the right commands and WE are coming along good. Moose is behaving very well and has taken us as leaders without any argument at all. Thanks to your teachings, we are better owners and appreciate our Moose more than we could have ever thought possible. Thank you! And we look forward to seeing you whenever you be the area with other clients. And we'll be touch along the way to keep you apprised of Moose's progress. With our warmest appreciation, THANK YOU! I just wanted to write today to tell you how impressed we are with the results we've seen from the dogs. We're getting the barking under our control and 's marking has stopped completely. It's honestly a to be around our dogs now. Your teachings were very informative and helpful and, just to let you know, we both thought you were very fun to work with. You're sense of humor added a level of enjoyment to the sessions that we weren't expecting. I told you this before but I'm still surprised at how much information you were able to pass along to us and how knowledgeable you are about the dogs' behavior. There were things that you were right on about. As you know, when we tried that other service and they had us getting down and barking at our dog, I didn't have a lot of confidence and I was really just embarrassed. Your methods taught us much about leadership and pack structure things that they never even discussed with us. You've helped us into a position where we can actually brag about our dogs and how good they are. I've already told of friends about you and your service. Feel free to publish this note and use us as a reference the future. We'll be happy to pass along our feelings about you. Anyway, thank you again. You've changed our home into a place of peace and Thank you! Thanks for the timely follow up. I was going to write last night to tell you that and I had two of the best walks yesterday. They were fact the best walks I have ever had with a dog companion. was well mannered and focused the entire time. He responded well to heel and we worked on his sit when I stopped. We need more work on that! had a fall last night and broke her left wrist she be on the sidelines for a bit, we assigned her to work with the house on his home work: Sit, Down, Wait and Stay. He takes very well to sit and wait at the door and waits for the break command before leaving the house. Thanks again and we you and and of course Update: and I just got back from a great walk. We met three women, mother, daughter, grandmother.We were heeling along, we stopped, sat, waited while they passed and went on. The mother commented on how well mannered was and the grandmother thanked us for stopping to let them pass. IT WAS FREAKIN GREAT!!!!!!!! As a new dog owner I was a bit concerned about making the right decisions with new puppy, Bogey. I got advice from a lot of places including friends, books and the internet. There were differing opinions that it just made me more worried. I started calling dog trainers and after talking to four or five of them I ran across at Canine Dimensions. He was very personable. I felt