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Disagree spans which for kidz 26 southern association year ciarniello patients. She has only missed about 6 weeks due to her kidneys. still at her age, loves visiting, always waits at the door to get her bandana put on and then finds someone looking a bit down and cheers them up. is now 17 years and back to life. Our Vets have been very helpful and supportive all the way through this very hard time. now walks about 200 yards on the beach and is having 1 treatment of drops and 1 hydro session per day plus the diet. I am forever grateful to for her program. Forever grateful, Kiama N.S.W. Australia P.S. chased a Kelpie dog the other night at agility training; it was chasing a ball and she didn't catch it but enjoyed the chase! She came back smiling and tail wagging. By the way, had 3 pups who are 11 years old now and still trialling. 1 of the pups won her event at the Show 2012 and the same event the Sheltie Nationals the same year. Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. 03 2015 Dear I should have written this review a year ago please forgive me for the delay. We've had our wonderful soft coated wheaten terrier since he was seven weeks old October, 2003. He saved life out of a dreadfully deep depression; world wouldn't be the same without him. He's energetic and playful and loves everybody. But a year or ago he was diagnosed with kidney disease and we were told he should get limited exercise, prescription food and as much comfort as we could give him husband and I were heart broken when we were told he only had 25% of his kidney function left We our vet and trust him implicitly but we had to research other options to help him heal. Finding you took a quick google search. Reading your program was enlightening. Just reading that we could make his food, fill him with holistic HEALING methods and reading the recommendation that he get EXERCISE was wonderful. Then I read your testimonials. One that truly warmed our hearts was from a woman named from That was the clincher. we ordered the program and followed it to the letter. By the next visit to the vet 's numbers had turned around significantly. Our baby boy was coming back! Doggie parents know when their little ones aren't well. They 't want to eat, they lay around a lot. They spend a lot of time other rooms away from the family; it's heart-breaking. Within a week of starting your program he sprung back! Our baby boy was on the mend. I tear up every time I him because you saved his life. We bought a filtration system that hooks up under our sink and creates essentially distilled water. And we bought ice cube trays for it as well; even though the refrigerator makes ice we want him to have the best. Our house is filled with beds, furniture, blankets and pillows. husband always covers 's lower half to keep those kidneys warm the blood flows. Thank God for you for developing this amazing program. I tell absolutely everyone about it. You even inspired niece to make home made food for her cats who have always been healthy. Thank you Sincerely, from Buffalo JCT, VA 's Veterinarian: Dr. Dahl, Clarksville Veterinary Clinic, VA Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. This does not necessarily imply that Dr. Dahl, Clarksville Veterinary Clinic, VA recommends or endorses our products. 02 2015 COOKIE is ALIVE AND WELL!!! The second week November little baby, Cookie, was diagnosed with renal failure. Her BUN values were through the roof. I do not have them with me at the moment or I would tell you what they were). The vet said I can't predict how she'll be around but we'll just keep her comfortable, that's all we can do. Cookie was drinking a lot of water, that was the only sign I had that something wasn't right. Nevertheless, I wasn't buying the death sentence, and, I was hell-bent on finding a way.