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Letting on similar we cannot control mar beach little training This could help a lot, terms of sharing alternative approaches with those who plan to buy the book. Education is key, and you could help someone learn of better alternatives. I received a copy of How to be Your Dog's Best Friend when I got first puppy 15 years ago. As I learned more about dog training over the years and learned shaping, I bitterly regretted the leash pops and corrections I inflicted on her. She was a soft dog who really loved praise and treats, and responded much better to positive methods when I learned to use them. She remained very unwilling to offer spontaneous behaviors despite much positive training and shaping practice later her life, and I always wondered if the corrections permanently crushed her willingness to try things. She was a great dog, and I always regret that I didn't know better. I'm glad I do know better for latest dog, a highly sensitive mostly blind and partly deaf border collie. He is far too soft and skittish to handle the monks' version of leadership. The one thing I liked about ‘How to be Your Dog's Best Friend' was that it was written by Job Evans. He wrote two of all time favorite books: ‘Training and Explaining' and the ‘Evans Guide for Civilized City Canines.' I got both when they were brand new it was a bit more than a couple years ago. He was a wonderful writer and even after all these years I'll pick one up and read a bit here and there. I believe it's ‘Training and Explaining' where he discusses how he picked books to purchase. Good info. And all that has nothing to do with training. Just dog books I enjoy. Thanks, for putting into words what less expressive people, like me, can only feel uneasiness about. I didn't really understand people's of Vicki Hearne I was too uncomfortable when she described actually working with her dogs: waiting for them to look away to jerk them back to attention and shoving their faces into water-filled holes. Alas, we never know if she would have changed her techniques because she died 2001. Jency: Thank you for encouraging people to write reviews on Amazon. From everything I understand, they are extremely important. Interesting observation: When I sent out blog post there was only one review on Amazon. The next day there were all rave reviews of the book and its authors. Most likely is that the authors or publisher found out about post and elicited friends to counter what I had said. There's nothing wrong with that really; publishers tell authors to do all they can to get good reviews. But it does present a biased viewpoint, which is why Amazon now notes which reviews are written by people who actually bought the book. YES YES YES, please take a moment to write a review–I'm told your star rating still counts whether you've purchased the book or not. One last thing: 't let this get personal. objections to the book relate to the methods. I have no doubt that the authors are nice people who dogs; but that doesn't mean they are giving dog owners good advice. Yes, I noticed the sudden flood of 5 star reviews on the 27th practically all of which mention some sort of personal relationship with the authors, use words like kind and compassionate ways that look similar as to shriek copy paste, and none of which go into much detail about dogs! I have just liked all the negative reviews own review got blocked, probably because I linked to this blog. It's a pity, such backsliding training,… can I share a hopefull sign? The most popular animal the Netherlands at this moment is named Bumper, he is a malinois sheperd being trained as a police dog, his progress can be followed on YouTube. And Yes He is clicker trained. And he is soooo cute Socialisation at 8 weeks https: Rp_ZRRVG96o Tough dog, tough image complex with clicker training! I freely admit I couldn't finish the good doctor's post; too annoying. As annoying as she found the book. The smug self satisfaction of the positiveists is sad. Of course they have some great points, but not exclusive and they mis a few kty things. But I have the same observation for both the monks and the smug modernists…let me introduce bulldogs. For the monks, bulldogs are not looking for a leader; they are the leader. And that's not negotiable. For the modernists, go ahead, try positive reinforcement. See where it gets you. Smug modernists is a great name for a band. Not sure what it means this conversation. It is expected that once someone offers opinion based on experience and data, people who hold opposing view become defensive. whether we respond or act within that defensive emotion or let it pass before we respond is the real crux of the matter. Let's find our better selves again. Very happy to be the smug modernists camp. And not sure if positiveist is actually a word dog training? However, these kind of posts reflect concerns that part of the wider problem is we have millions of people happily posting millions of uninformed opinions