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Training By Getting Excitement Around

Apt descendants are the head trainer bottom same dream two could lead to a nuclear war if Russia tried to defend Syria. The puppets at ATS and Youtube are pulling information about anything that questions the offical version of events. Rest of Muslims are tools and serve Jews perfectly from Emirates to Egypt and rest of primitive flocks that are jumping Europe. Them and the rest of the third worlders. 13 But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and slipped away. While western society has been a slumber, the Jews have been busy planting third world, rat worshiping weeds Europe and This third world seed is the Jew's main tools against western Christianity. Citizenfitz It seems, at least to me, that the yids are moving hell and earth to create a global, psychological climate of denial and cognitive dissonance: which people deny the very evidence before their eyes, then declare that snow is black. The various false flags we've seen around the world are good evidence of this. The fake shooting of the Parisian policeman by the terrorists is just one example you can point to. People watch the video, the impossibility of the official story, then start spewing all kinds of nonsense defending the official story and finally get mad when you ask them how it's been since they dropped their last hit of acid. That's cognitive dissonance. Simultaneously, people who live a state of cognitive dissonance function as normal people other venues. But they'll go into full zombie mode when certain switches are flipped. Liberals jump to mind when speaking of this. The zio-cons are right behind them. The evident fakery of the shooting video has become obvious that it seems even the grunting herd is starting to express doubts about the official story; forcing media outlets to remove the video from their sites. A very interesting dynamic is taking shape before us. Here's interesting video from Storm Clouds Gathering with a close up, high def view of the shooting: west Sorry people, I got bad news. The fact is that the only way the world get out of Jewish control is through a nuclear war. Hopefully, Russia wipe the centers of evil off the face of the earth. Afterward, if human life on earth is not extinguished, then people can start over, hopefully without Jews and their evil. Really, there is no other way. instead of wanting to put off nuclear war, I think we should pray for its coming and MM Americans are such whimps. We are far removed from our forefather's protest and rebellion the streets against tyranny. Whereas internationals take to the streets regularly. Just sayin' we all need to start making it real whenever where ever we can by showing up en force! apologeticos2013 A police commissioner from Limoges, Helric Fredou, aged 45 turned up dead from a gun shot to the head on Thursday amid the Hebdo affair. A high-ranking official within the French law enforcement command-and-control structure, Fredou was also a former deputy director of the regional police service. apologeticos2013 @KathJuliane The photos and videos are far from convincing as being two different Citroens much less as proof of it being some sort of fake setup the video shot of the Citroen C3 at the crime scene, and then the photos of the Citroen left at the bakeshop. Nobody saw cloudy sky that show this video and the mossad guys there like to delete the numbers of the plate, to if it is not a sign equal to c3 trail escape. Thank you for the links concerning the position of Turkey for a Palestinian State fully recognized by the United Nations. I did not know they opposed on that question. Yes I knew about the Turkey ship episode concerning Gaza but I thought it was only a question of some volunteer people willing, independently of their government, to help the Gazaouis. Caveman2012 BIBI SATANYAHU STEALS THE SHOW! At the Grand Synagogue Natanyahu gave a speech, which he let the cat out of the bag! Today I walked the streets of with the leaders of the world, to say enough terrorism; THE TIME HAS COME TO FIGHT TERRORISM… TRANSLATION: Goyim, give me your sons and daughters for the slaughter! We need to remove this stumbling block of resistance against the Jew World Order! The truth and righteousness are with us. Our common enemy is extreme Islam, not Islam, not regular extremists, but extreme Islam… TRANSLATION: Our enemies are all those among Muslims that dare oppose the JWO and our Anti-Christ! these days we are blessed with another privilege, a privilege that didn't exist for generations