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Pick rediscovers you FIV 1 need hence do your 17 eyes, we noticed the surface integrals on the blackboard behind them. Apocalypse IMDB Dennis Hopper tries to explain Brando to Sheen: This is dialectics. It's very simple dialectics, one through nine. No maybes, no supposes, no fractions. You can't travel space, you can't go out into space, you know, without like you know, uh, with fractions. What are you gonna land on? 1, 3? Clip on Knill's Apollo 13 IMDB A slide rule appears one scene, when Mission Control checks Lovell's gimbal conversions. Apparently this is not a blooper, despite some such claims. Slide rules are pointless for addition and subtraction, but there is more to the gimbal calcualtions than that. Llewellyn was the real life slide rule guy, and claims he did use a slide rule for such calculations. Are You With It? IMDB O'Connor plays Milton Haskins, actuary who misplaces a decimal point, and despondently quits to become a carny. Some very funny bits, with Milton doing instantaneous calculations with a slide rule. He determines when a poker machine pay off as a simple problem arithmetical progressions on the second winning play a combination had been reached, equal to the square root of 322 million raised to the 11th power one more play should produce the Johnpot. Milton also explains that dancing is merely a question of applied mathematics: he demonstrates, with 3 times 2 times 2, leading to a terrific tapdancing routine. Clip on our maths clips Atama-yama IMDB Weird cartoon, culminating with a having his smaller self sitting on his head, infinite descending sequence. Au hasard Balthazar IMDB The main character is a donkey. He becomes a circus act, and correctly calculates 834 x 3. Au Revoir Enfants IMDB A teacher discusses the fact that a quadrilateral circumscribed around a circle, the sum of two opposite sides is equal to the sum of two remaining sides. The Aviator IMDB Hughes passes off a meteorologist as a mathematician to a censorship board objecting to Hughes's movie. The mathematician uses calipers to prove that 's décolleté is consistent with that of other movie stars. Bachelor of Hearts IMDB A sweet comedy about a student who visits to study mathematics, and finds beer and romance. He tries to become first wrangler There's some maths around the edges. Ball of Fire IMDB Fun movie about a team of stuffy academics being charmed by Stanwyck. When is raised, she refers to herself as just another apple. The mathematician tries to find the common denominator of her syncopated dance moves, and argues from relativity that the signpost ran into their car. The academics argue over whether the correct grammar is two and two is five, or two and two are five. They also use Archimede's mirrors idea to thwart the bad guys. Clip on our maths clips Basketball and Maths IMDB A French short about gay teenagers. One short and weird scene with some tutoring of fractions. Ohio IMDB Excellent, dark movie about a maths prodigy and his family, seen through the eyes of his less brilliant brother. Square root of 56. 237 point, about 46. That truly is extraodinary. Where do you get that from? From the back of the sock drawer. Maths scattered throughout, including the famous weighing puzzle of 12 coins containing a counterfeit. The Beginning or the End IMDB Movie about the making of the atom bomb. One scene pans across academics working on supposedly relevant mathematics: mostly division of polynomials. Believers IMDB A movie about a loony cult, whose leader think a PDE and killing themselves save them from the end of the world. The loons turn out to be correct. The Belly of Architect IMDB Nice scene which the main character of the movie discusses the portrait of on old