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Noises with pleasurable elegant having expect subject lessened too normal into his shell. After a couple of weeks, we decided to reach out for help and we called Canine Dimensions.When came to evaluate him, she said we would be able to get this little moving the right direction to being a happy dog. And with some hard work and dedication from us and 's expertise and guidance, we have seen a transformation from a very timid dog to a happy, playful dog whose confidence seems to grow more every day. He now goes to and lay beside him on the couch. He walks well on a leash and seems to enjoy his walks. short, he is now becoming a normal happy dog. We cannot thank and Canine Dimensions enough. The personal reward of watching this little dog's progress far is wonderful to say the least. A big shout out to Canine Dimensions and Obalde! Sable, our 2 year old Scottish Terrier wasn't a problem child, but typical -store training could only get us far. We needed tweaking on a few things barking, a sit stay for longer than a few minutes, walking with us, and finally her over-eagerness to greet everyone at the door. I loved that came to our home and helped us our environment, distractions and all. She was able to build upon previous training, and correct as necessary, always reinforcing her training principles. She seemed to have endless number of solutions for our concerns. We have gotten compliments on her improvement and how well behaved she is. 's Number One Tip: Before using his free bird dog training tips, read several methods from other trainers. Then Second, if you use someone 's method, make sure there is a Pro nearby who can help you should you hit a rough spot. If you use 's techniques, he can help you. Note: This is NOT 's complete bird dog training program nor is it intended to be. techniques that uses are not listed or are partially listed because of extensive and exhaustive details. It is a brief with video tips as well as written instructions on how to train your bird dog. The following techniques are only portions of 's overall training program for pointing gun dog companions. times, there are several training approaches for one single desired outcome and they are not all listed here. Finding and tailoring the correct approach for YOUR dog is what professionals, such as do best. Using the wrong approach for your dog can yield undesirable outcomes. Use these tips techniques at your own risk. We do not accept liability for your use of our techniques. Updated 08 2015:39 PM Before clicking links, Where do I start with pup dog? First, if you have a Pup or Untrained older dog, always start with 8 weeks to 8 months. After your dog 'graduates' from that time frame, you proceed to yard work which is summarized the article Yard Working Summary. The yard working summary is overview of yard work that I teach Phase I program though what is written here is just one approach of approaches I use based on the personality of the pup. You can actually train your dog to hunt using the following pointing bird dog instructions as a sort of along with video tips clips. You really can teach your dog how to whoa, how to retrieve, how to heel, how to back honor, how to come here. Be positive and have fun! both of the above mentioned articles you encounter references and links to other articles. Read those articles as you progress it all makes sense. Like what you 'like it' others enjoy it too! Brittanys 8 weeks to 8 months This first article is about What you should do! Stuff you should have done already First, the breeder should have done their work with the pups before delivery to the owner. Without digressing too far about the breeder responsibilities, we'll just say here that the breeder should have researched and planned a solid match between sire dam socialized the pups, learned their personalities, given vaccinations, done scent imprinting, early 'super dog' stimulation, and tested enhanced their birdiness with wings and live birds. Here are a couple pics of our 7 week old pups pointing a wing. Click the photos to