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All of confidence shot even by brush haircut nail doesn`t bankrupt and empty. These were idle men looking for something to fill their time. We do not know why flocked to Jephthah, but it that him, they saw a leader. Maybe they saw someone who could help them find a purpose life. Whatever their reason for coming to Jephthah, the Bible tells us that they went out with him. This does not mean that they dated. Jephthah was not that kind of What it means is that Jephthah became the ragtag leader of this band of misfits and outcasts. It is speculated that they acted like and his men did during the time they were running from They probably served as informal police force that protected the Hebrews from the attacks of their enemies. It seems that Jephthah was able to mold these misfits into effective fighting force. Jephthah was showing himself to be a leader of men. Judges 11 G Campbell Jephthah fled from his brethren.-Judges 11. To those who are willing to it, the story of Jephthah affords a solemn warning as to the wrong of treating a child born out of wedlock with contempt. It is constantly done, even by excellent people and it is wholly unjust. Here we God raising up such a to be a judge of his people, and to deliver them time of grave difficulty. Jephthah was the of a and had been thrust out from his inheritance by the legitimate sons of his father. The iron had entered into his soul, and he had gathered to himself a band of men, and had become a kind of 'outlawed freebooter. He was a of courage and heroic daring, and it is impossible to read the story of the approach of the men of Gilead to him the time of distress without recognizing the excellencies of his character. He can hardly be measured: by the standards of for he had lived outside the national ideal. Yet it is evident that he was a of clear religious con­victions. All of which should be remembered when the question of his vow is discussed. The picture of this defrauded by his brethren of his rightful inheritance, fleeing from them with the sense of wrong burning its way into his soul, is very natural and very sad. The one thing which we empha­size is that God did not count the wrong for which he was not responsible, a dis­qualification. He raised him up; He gave him His Spirit; He employed him to deliver His people the hour of their need. Let us ever refrain from the sin of being unjust to men by holding them disqualified for service or friendship by sins for which they are not to blame. Judges 11 And it came about after a while that the sons of Ammon fought against This verse now carries us back to where the writer left off at with the sons of Gilead dire straits need for a militarily savvy leader like Jephthah. Bush The children of Ammon made war against Or, perhaps more properly, ‘had made war,' and were now encamped Gilead. We are here carried back point of time to the period mentioned ch. 10, the historian having returned from his digresssion concerning the parentage and early life of Jephthah. The words process of time,' Heb. ‘after days,' probably refer to the period immediately antecedent to the expulsion of Jephthah. days after he had been thrust out disgrace, he was brought back again with honor. A R Fausset Barber comments that Fausset's work is of immeasurable value. Remains one of the finest treatments extant. A must for the expositor. And it came to pass process of time that the children of Ammon made war against Krell As the two nations gather for battle, realizes that they need a general who lead them into war asks Jephthah to be their leader Jephthah responds by saying, Why now? You dogged me out, and now that you're need, you come crawling back on bended knee? and agree that if he destroys the Ammonites he become their head and chief-their main this dialogue, Jephthah shows a lack of and manipulates the elders with shrewd diplomacy. He uses his powers of persuasion to assure himself of leadership. Interestingly, there is no mention that Jephthah is called to be a judge. Yet, the writer of Judges tells us that the Lord raised up Othniel and Ehud and through a prophetess summoned Barak