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Has severe itching, contact if 5818 owners start this establish much for all your help. Vinod, sorry for the slow reply, I'm traveling Dubai have been away from main computer for awhile. Did you double check your inbox for the welcome email? The sequence along with 4 others are there. Especially if you're a Gmail user, first couple of emails be your promotions tab. It's important to move emails over to the primary folder that way you 't anything. check and let me know! This is a great article and incredibly helpful! One little issue is that you mentioned carrying a baby stomach.. The baby is carried the uterus. Or at least, mine were For someone with this kind of depth and breadth of scientific knowledge of musculature and anatomy, kinesiology and body awareness, this seems like something to take into consideration. Still, a fantastic article and I look forward to more great insights! you're %100 right. Sometimes when I'm writing and teaching I generalize things as much as possible to guarantee a visual understand. It's funny that you're the first person to point this out. It's worth changing, now that I go back and read it a couple of times. I've never wanted to be known as that, boring, anatomical geek that no one pays attention too! Great article! I agree that there is too much emphasis on the six pack which can, fact, cause more problems than people realize, especially if the surrounding muscles are not toned. I find it unfortunate that you have experienced the types of Yoga classes which you mentioned. These classes and teachers are giving Yoga a bad rep. I personally 't think these teachers and their classes are wrong or bad but I think we should start labeling them as something other than Yoga! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for this– I'm gonna print it out and it around!! For the past year I've been working intensely with a strength coach and just recently began work with a physical therapist for pelvic floor issues. I've been practicing yoga for over 20 years and am stumped that I can effortlessly float up down headstand, but can't handstand. I agree 100% that issue is upper lower disconnect but is a float up different for head vs handstand? Longer lever equals a need for stronger tva and pelvic floor?? Thanks! glad you enjoyed it, let me know how the sequence works for you. Floating up to headstand is much easier than floating up to handstand. One of the main reasons is that you have the added stability of your head on the ground, it makes it easier to put your hips the right place. You have the core strength but if you 't have the strength, namely the arms and back to get your hips the proper position over the shoulders, you're gonna facing uphill battle. Cheers, What a terrific article. I have been working inversions and floating for years, and read countless articles, posts, and books, but you put it together one of the most comprehensive and simple ways I have ever seen. Seriously, nice job! Definitely look forward to reading more of your articles. Theses are great tips, facts and sequences! I have signed up for everything! Haha Hopefully I ‘ll be closer to nailing handstand I feel have the shoulder strength, the flexibilty, even the pelvic floor and TvA, but it's not all integrated. start again from square one, following your advice. Maybe it's fear, who knows?! Thanks!!! Very educacional post. Just one question… I'm healing from the birth of and have diastasis rectis, can I perform the moves you talk about this post? I've been reading I shouldn't do this kind of exercises while not complete healed the gap. I am new at inversions and also, the girl who is stuck at the wall. yoga teachers only say things like, shoot straight up, or suck your stomach and focus on your core. I found these totally ineffective. After reading your article, I'll give it a try because it makes more sense to engage the Pelvic Floor than only sucking your stomach Thank you very much! I have had 3 children and some days headstand is great and on others not thanks for raising the trouble of inversions after pregnancy. More recently I have been expelling air noisily after inversion which makes joining classes highly embarrassing. I consulted a Physio friend who mentioned the pelvic floor yet again! be focussing on this with greater intent! Wow this article is one of the best I've read, due to your humour and precise way of painting the picture! I it, thanks much for sharing this, I def. work with all your tips right away and with I gracefully float one day. Wow, I am seriously humbled by this. As old timer, only heard terms like core and float