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Kickstand1 i know please be sure remains one of always at all like the stray rescue problem that is the US! We also have a LOT of holiday time it also is quite normal to use a couple of them with the new pup Another difference is that most people actually walk their dogs here LOL It is considered normal to take your dog out for a walk, even when you have a garden. And we are quite a rural country with small cities; I live the middle of Oslo, and it takes me 15 minutes by car to be out the big forests surrounding this capital of ours. I know of the law Sweden with time you can leave the dog alone. That would make it virtually impossible for all the best dog owners I know to keep dogs since we all work 🙂 I solve it by always having two dogs, and by using all spare time on them; they get 2 hours walk each day, and I spend all weekend with them. I lived Switzerland from 2010 through 2012 and I have to say, I the animal control laws there. It's complete common sense Dogs can be UNLEASHED under voice control anywhere the country side. the cities, they designate trails for dogs with either a picture with a dog with no leash or a picture of a dog with a leash or a picture of a dog with red circle and that's usually at museum parks to keep the grass clean, etc and even there are tons of little trails around those areas for dogs to be Coming back to the Bay Area was a rude awakening. NO dogs unleashed ANYWHERE except dog parks. It makes ZERO sense to me if I have a dog i'm hiking with the mountains, with nobody around, dogs obey and return on recall, they 't farm animals and they call off wild animals. I feel that creating dog parks to go to is a very unsafe compromise as most of the dog parks are very and not a natural way for a dog to run walk freely as the energy of dog parks are insane I to walk with dogs off leash. I 't allow them to meet other dogs UNLESS it's planned or the other owner nearby or approaching asks allows. I always recall and leash dogs near another dog even if that dog is unleashed. I always supervise first meetings on leash then we get on with our activity–usually a hike walk–either leashed or unleashed depending on where we are. Typically I prefer to interact with dogs or hike with another friend with her dogs. I absolutely hate dog parks for reasons. occasionally i use them to train dogs under distraction but even then I 't the point of submitting them to that kind of stress when the type of interactions we encounter are hikers, bikers, equestrians and other dog walkers going about their day. There was exactly ONE dog park area Switzerland and NOBODY used it. Because the Swiss are animal-smart and relaxed about leashed or unleashed dogs. They 't need dog parks because they 't panic when they unleashed dogs whether they have dogs or not or whether their dogs are leashed or unleashed. Rather I usually got stopped a lot because they huskies and rarely saw them as pets but as real working dogs that country. And they were much smarter their behavior toward dogs and how they approached dogs for a meeting. They never just assumed they could even though dogs were off-leash. and said ciao bambino! while I had a heart attack thinking for sure that was accident too fast for me to stop. Thankfully GSD LOVED her immediately and tolerated it and gave her kisses.) I can't tell you how people stopped and asked to pose with two dogs for photo ops. I have photos of them on own blog doing this. It's insane how much the Europeans dogs. But they are really smart about them too naturally a dog park seems just silly and useless to a Swiss person when there's miles and miles of trails to explore as as your dog is well under control via leash or voice. Dog parks and overly strict leash laws are creating a bigger mess than they are meant to prevent. I get leash laws public places and really busy towns cities. I 't get them for the country side and as it stands right this second, where I live, leashes are required 100% of the time, period, no matter where you are Nor Cal except on your own property. it's a real tragedy for people who want to really recreate nicely with their dogs, Trying to play a sport a busy over run dog park with dogs who only want to romp and wrestle with your dog is completely counter-intuitive to building a trustworthy off leash dog. Like anything people who 't understand, create laws that 't make any sense. Wish I was back Europe. Anyway here's story on the dog's trip the Italian section of Switzerland and with some posing with them: http: 2011 01 ciao-lugano I wish there was