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Makes dog sure romi not organizers some seen before like special request, and pricing varies upon the needs. We offer private dog training your home or public place, new puppy lifestyle training, behavior issues correction, and general obedience. Our rates vary by needs, but start at $50 and up per session. We are serving metro Detroit, Flint, and Lapeer. The services I can provide for you and your companion are both physical and mental exercises. I am able to care and for your pet when you are away from home. If you have concerns regarding your pet's behavior, I am able to give you advice. I am a certified dog trainer. I have graduated from Animal Behavior College. I am experienced with a multitude of animals and am flexible. I am just starting out, prices are very reasonable. I have a passion for animals and would to meet you and your dog. I can travel to a client's house. Please feel free to e-mail me with further questions. Need a Dog Trainer. Owosso, MI Tali is a 16 month old, Old English Bulldog who is very excitable and nips when she plays. I can get her to do basic commands sometimes but our real issue is that she has developed a very violent nd sudden aggression towards our other very well behaved dog Bandit a Husky Shepard mix who is 5 yrs old. Puppy Prep The most important training you ever do with your dog happens when your puppy is very This is a dogs prime socialization time. this class we carefully and positively expose your pup to a variety of different sights, sounds, dogs, people, moving objects and surfaces. We also teach basic skills and talk about common puppy challenges such as chewing, jumping and house training. This is a drop class you can attend when you'd like. For puppies under 5 months. $10 class or FREE if enrolled other training with Fricke This is opportunity for your dog to free play with other appropriate dogs and learn good social skills. This is also a great opportunity for you to learn about canine play and body language. For dogs and puppies 5 months and older. $10 class or a 5 visit punch card for $40 with Patti Davieau Foundation Skills for Reactive Dogs Dogs with reactivity issues often need to spend extra time on foundation skills that focus on self control especially with other people and dogs present. This class gives you a safe and controlled setting to learn and practice most cases one or more private sessions are required prior to attending this class. $325 week class with Fricke This beginner class teaches you and your dog the basics of dog behavior and obedience training. Using positive training techniques you teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash, sit, lay down, stay, come when called, greet people politely and other useful skills. We also be discussing how to solve common behavioral problems found dogs and puppies. Dogs 14 weeks and older welcome. $160 week class This intermediate class focuses on perfecting your dog's basic skills around distractions as well as teaching new and useful commands. If your dog has had some training but doesn't always respond consistently, or if you enjoy training your dog and want him her to learn new things, then this class is for you. Family Dog I or instructor approval required. $160 week class Fricke 6 dogs This class is just the thing to polish your dog's skills real life settings. Our main focus be reliability around major, real world distractions. Several of the classes be held at local parks and dog friendly establishments. This class is much fun