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Six weeks dog occupied away land the cabins are first opened their eyes and everybody went to the small backstraps. Team good. I agree with comments that the author should provide his better solution addition to saying the training is bad due to grips. Realizing the training is at best familiarization It is not a force-on-force tactical shooting course. Focusing on grips per se without addressing overall validity is somewhat overly reductionistic. Cheers. Please. I am more than willing to try new techniques to improve shooting. When I find those techniques to be superior to what I'm using now, I HAPPILY admit previous wrongs and adopt the new technique. The grips shown these photos are not it. It takes time and work to adopt new techniques into ‘muscle memory'. If someone isn't willing to try what is widely accepted as better, criticize the messenger as a keyboard warrior, and do mental gymnastics to justify their ‘good enough' technique…..then you're just lazy. Or you 't care enough to improve your shooting techniques From comments below from someone that was there, this seems to have been a Division dog and pony show but I wouldn't doubt these kind of images could come from anywhere the unit. The Army has the tools to do adequate marksmanship training. The problem is a unit's program is largely subject to the commander's emphasis. If commanders prioritize marksmanship, challenge their NCO's to develop execute a program and then give them the resources to conduct it training becomes at least adequate. The problem is there are too competing demands some of which are PC driven. Another is that the Army doesn't reward outstanding training making the check the block mentality too easy to adopt. Finally, over the last decade and a half of combat our leaders seem to have lost their way when it comes to leading. Checklists are too prominent. Leaders should shield the unit from BS. Leaders informs higher that they are over tasked, under resourced, all priorities can be met unless they are all resourced. That is the same grip we were taught USMC circa 1970 with the M-1911A1acp. As we went through the process of shooting our grips changed by what worked best for each individual It's SOP the way things have always been done. Like the story of the monkey's and the bananas, no one wants to make a fuss. Thank you Canadian race gunner… Secret is, there's next to no formal training on handguns. Most have to wing it. Almost all of the people issued pistols are people with machine guns or commissions. Half of the people pictured are higher up NCO's or POG's. Comments are closed. About Blood Dog Training. Blood Dog Training is a division of ABCANTRA and is dedicated to the training of Blood Trailing Dogs. Our course is an intensive four week program where your dog is taught to follow the scent of the animal you wish to find. It does not matter whether it's deer, hogs, or people. If you can determine the starting point of your prey View More. Swinton Dog Training Ltd was established 1991 by owner Wood and has been run successfully ever since. For years has been a Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, a Member of the Institute for Animal Care Education, Accredited Petcare Professional and continues to improve her professional development by committing to a formalised programme of continuing professional development Please have a look through the website to find all the information you need on our Dog Training Services Swinton, Manchester. You can also look up 's achievements on our About Us or have a scroll through our Gallery. Before opening Swinton Dog Training Ltd 1991, had previously worked for the local council for eight years as a dog warden. She also spent three years instructing at a pet dog training club that was being run by police dog handlers and competed