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Direction AVL mercer county 28 kalamazoo the if by 24May43 him get away. Thanks much for your email. You're right, it is a lot of information. Things are already changing though. We've put the household rules place and we're already seeing a change out of Cujo. Before you showed up, was very skeptical about you and the idea of dog training. He was just waiting to challenge you. Thank you for bringing him around. If he didn't results that first session, I think he would have given up immediately. He is still talking about how it only took five minutes of walking Cujo to get him under control. He called his brother right after you left to tell him about it. They're getting the dogs together tomorrow to test our new skills. I'll let you know how it goes. After watching Cujo interact with the dogs that we ran into on the walk, I think we know what to do now to handle him. Thank you again and we'll you Just a quickie to let you know that I took on a 50 min. walk today and she was nearly perfect from the get go! I can't believe it! Maybe it was beginners luck but I am just thrilled to enjoy a walk with her and I really think she enjoyed it too! Thank you much! At 3 months old when I brought this boundless ball of energy home I knew he was going to be a handful. After interviewing four local dog trainers, I chose with Canine Dimensions. Their practice and philosophy of taking the time to get to know each individual dog and owner demonstrates their commitment to providing effective and tailored program that is suitable to the specific needs of clients. addition to the basic training sessions, 's availability to answer questions and concerns as they have surfaced has been a great resource to guide and I through some challenging situations. Although and I still have a road ahead of us, I am very happy and satisfied with the work we have done over the last five months and I am looking forward to all the great training adventures to come. I know it's been a and tiresome road, but I wanted to let you know that the efforts are definitely paying off. I can't thank you enough for the help you've given me with Wrigley. I was walking him today and we were joined about halfway through by and her dog. Wrigley never even flinched. I was proud of him. I came home right after and felt like I needed to let you know. The change I've seen him over the past few months has been nothing short of miraculous. I know there's a lot of work still ahead of us, but I want to thank you for never giving up, for always giving encouragement and for always being there, even when questions were small ones. Thank you much for your teachings and your support. Your program is awesome! After living with roommate's dog for almost three years I could not imagine life without one when he considered moving out. About a month before he was scheduled to move I got the call. A female pit bull was found by acquaintance of mine the backyard of a foreclosed home. I was cautious at first, knowing that pit bulls can be aggressive and not knowing the trauma she had gone through. After meeting her and seeing first hand her loving and tender personality I knew she was too amazing to let go. The first few weeks with Indi were equally fun and hard. She was great to be around but her constant elimination the house, disobeying of commands and chewing of furniture, carpets and cabinets became too much to deal with. Every second she was not eyesight lead to another mess to clean up or more destruction. Internet research, advice from friends and the four books I had bought all seemed to have great insight and advice but different strategies altogether. After a few weeks and very little improvement I was at a breaking point. It was stressed I even considered giving Indi up, that is when someone suggested I call Canine Dimensions. I felt better after first conversation with Even though I know he heard them before, he listened while I told him of all the problems I was having with Indi. He reassured me that he could help and three days later he came to house. What a relief! It was not easy but after every day, week and month things got better. offered a complete system and not just strategies or advice to band-aid her behavior. I am thankful for him making me a proud owner of such a well-behaved and disciplined canine. I get compliments on her all the time! After the turn around Indi made on their system I would recommend Canine Dimensions to anyone, and I do! is 11 year old Lhasa Apso with a great personality. But housebreaking skills seem to have eluded him all his life. Recently, 's owner contacted us for help housebreaking and to