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First army trainers of a moving first the fist believe better this time. I have incredible resource Thom to turn to anytime 's asthma gets worse. I'm grateful to Thom for his help and loving kindness toward Thank you! I'm relieved to have found Thom and his Animal Healing abilities for all pets. Reviews for: Reiki for Pets 2x Reiki Animal Communication Vets Appointment Eyes Over a period of several months, 12-year old cat Sassy lost nearly half her weight. The vets tried the regular protocol with little improvement. Next would be invasive and expensive testing without any assurance that more could be done. I was extremely worried and called Thom and Jonquil for animal communication and a double Reiki session with Sassy. During the animal communication Sassy conveyed that she wanted to heal and what foods she would like most. Following the energy sessions, Sassy was observably more alert. She began to eat more, and with the addition of anti-nausea pill and several homeopathic herbal supplements to boost the immune system, Sassy regained 1 lbs about a week! Thom also encouraged me to have the vets check Sassy's eyes something the vets had overlooked concern about her losing weight. Sassy is no longer hiding dark places and she has resumed purring and giving me nose kisses. I am grateful for Thom and JonquiI's help, their encouragement and their willingness to work along with the vets! I am thrilled to say that Sassy is on the mend! Reviews for: Reiki for Pets Medical Intuitive Pet Cancer Thom did a communication Reiki session for dog yesterday afternoon. has been very sick with a bladder tumor. The information he gave was was valuable, but the most important thing is that is clearly feeling better since the session. Thom really rocks those animal healing vibes! I just wanted to thank you again for your session with and give you a little update. We have another vet home visit on Monday morning, this is all observation on our part, but it seems that is really rallying! Ten days ago when the specialist vet basically was ready to put him down right then and there, he explained that the incontinence was because the bladder tumor was big that nothing would fit the bladder. was dribbling all the time. his urine quantity is definitely increasing and the frequency is definitely decreasing. We didn't put a doggie diaper on him last night Also the ammonia smell has decreased. Also, he has begun passing little fragments of tissue with his urine. I believe this is bits of the tumor dissolving away. I can visualize it. Our holistic vet put him on piroxicam as of last Tuesday, and Purdue studies have shown it to be very effective treating canine bladder cancers--I know it is helping too. According to one study, 2 out of 34 dogs had complete reversal, 6 had partial reversal, 2 died right away, and the rest at least had a slow-down of the tumor growth. I want to be a poster child! The main thing is that he is happy. He's barking at squirrels and motorcycles and his eyes are very bright and cheerful. heart is just exploding with gratitude! And is getting lots of hugs and kisses from us, for sure Update: We had our vet home visit today, and from her hands-on exam, she says 's bladder tumor has shrunk at least 30%. Amazing! Reviews for: Check-ins Medical Intuitive Reiki Session I have worked with Thom with several of cats. One cat came to us with severe upper back neck pain. She would not allow you to touch her. I tried to have a vet do chiropractic and acupuncture on her, but she would not allow him near her. I had x- done on her spine, but it showed nothing. Thom and Jonquil have done double Reiki on her which has decreased her pain significantly. Thom also communicates with her to check on her pain level. By doing this, I am able to keep her on the lowest possible pain med dosage. I continue Reiki and communication sessions with her hopes of completely eliminating her pain as well as the pain med. This cat, who was once miserable and untouchable, now seeks out touch and likes to be brushed. Bless you Thom and Jonquil. I am grateful for your help with big family. Christie S. Syracuse, Reviews for: Reiki Session Medical Intuitive Scan Communication Check.. After initial communication session I requested a reiki healing as Freckles was due for some minor surgery on his leg. Fortunately Thom was able to schedule the session the same day as his surgery.