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To fit all county wake durham outlined several years 9 dog sports and activities. Agility, flyball, therapy, tracking there are no limits to what you can achieve. All you have to do is imagine it, and get started. Rowdy...Was brought to me already trained by the owner...He had no interest birds.. The owner was at whits end and all his hunting buddies said HE AIN'T GOT NO DRIVE..But wanted to give it one more try. Rowdy at the end of the month was doing multiple retrieves land and water and I would have to watch fingers when playing with him.. the happy proud owner above the clip Friends referred us to because he works magic with dogs. We needed a little magic with our large great puppy- before she got big and out of control that she ruled the house! spent 2 months with and that time developed into a well-behaved, loving, gentle giant. She's a pleasure to walk these days, and no longer plays too hard with our children. spent a lot of time teaching and us- the basics. It's now a pleasure to take this 100 pound, 8 month old puppy to the park and watch her sit while all the kids pet her and chaos breaks out around her. Our kids love having her sweet disposition around and I love how she listens and obeys our instructions. With 's help, has become a much loved part of our family. machine. Brought her out tonight for her first duck hunt. After I missed the first 4 that flew by and she stopped laughing at me it was all business. I dropped one that hit the about 75+ yards behind me. She didn't see it go down she was actually sitting on the other side of the beaver house. I called her to me and sent her I 't know how she knew what I wanted but she did. I thought that she had went way beyond where the duck landed but she came out of the grass, cattails and swamp carrying a beautiful female mallard. She Well you did it. You turned a wimpy chocolate lab into a hunting didn't want to let it go at first. After I got it from her I set it down I could pet her and tell her what a good dog she was, the duck started to run away well she was back on that duck like you couldn't believe Taking Reservations Camp for Your Family Member We offer home boarding..Very Limited.. Let it be 100 degrees outside..Your family member be inside our home as our guest..Plenty of play time and nothing to do but be a pup.. Let your pup stay comfort as one of our family Tune Up also available while boarding Bear 13 months old Chocolate Lab Obedience behavioral program that would not be used as a hunting dog, we still needed a good obedience behavioral program to send her to. After a bad experience with a large training facility with dogs fenced kennels and being overlooked due to not being trained to be a hunting dog, I knew that I wanted a different environment for 's training. I am grateful that I found because he was exactly what and I wanted and needed. gave the comfort of a home environmental and play time additional to the exceptional training. When I took to she was on the wild side due to being spoiled by us. I knew that has his work cut out for him For the next two months, we went out weekly and trained one-on-one with Not only was she being trained, were we. Every week there was marked progress with her. that we have her home, she is doing excellent with her commands, while she is still our Little Bear. you are amazing Trainer and we are grateful for you teaching her much. She is a totally different pup since you worked with her. Thank you much! The clips below show where I take the pups to expose them to hunting.. We are scouting of Nov-Jan..Your pup sees more a week of training hunting than most see a ..I throw marks this mess of dead timber to make the pup hunt..Off we throw live flyers at the same areas..To simulate this hunting I highly recommend Pulvino for training your dog or training you to train your dog. is 85 lbs of energy, hard headedness and is spoiled rotten. A challenge for any trainer. Since meeting up and myself have excelled reaching our goals. has always been available by either phone, email or person to help you work through the issues. I have not had issue yet that 's knowledge, demeanor or tenacity has not been able to over come. I could go on but, you get the idea, is dog trainer. Enough said. Feel free to call or email me. available for daily sessions which you can set up according to your schedule and learn at your own pace. You can meet with him as often as you wish then take his training methods home with you training you can personally care for and train your own dog. can help you solve any problem you have encountered training your own dog. If I make a mistake