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To make a shipping FAQ cuts additional photos other family registration was reserved 1970, not taken up. It was photographed Rockford, IL 2007 need of restoration. The photographer noted that the aircraft was exported to England. 924 became N2127Y private owner, deregistered 2007 to N999S 926 became N4246A with Civil Air Patrol Sandston, VA, deregistered 1963 became N2791A with USAF at Kirtland AFB, deregistered 1968. Was involved emergency off-field, wheels up landing Albuquerque, NM on Jul 20, with substantial damage 928 became N7635B with USAF at Chanute AFB, Rantoul, IL. deregistered 1965 is registered as N2341 MSN is NAV-4 931 became N555V with USAF Eglin AFB, deregistered 1971. It was operated at some point by the flying club at Quantico, VA 932 to N236CS 933 to N842JW 934 became N4292A with Army at Watervliet, NY, Deregistered 1981 became N8086E. Was destroyed a fatal crash Mar 29 Mexico 937 to N4903E. Landed trees Gorgi 14 after fuel pump failure. 939 to N4971E 941 943 became N6072V with Army at Ft. Sheridan, IL, deregistered 1970 is registered as N8068E. Has confirmed Korean War service with 3rd Infantry Division. 945 was registered as N4208A with Army at Ft. Eustis, VA. On Aug 4 it suffered substantial damage a take-off accident; assume it was written off since it was deregistered 1970 947 is registered as N4294C 948 to N5042K 949 became N2776A with Ft. Benning Flying club, deregistered 1965 has known service with 1st Cavalry Korean War. 951 was registered as N1400Z. O 6 98 the aircraft was destroyed a non-fatal accident 952 to civil registry as N8379H, and it was registered to the Army at Ft. Leavenworth, deregistered 1970 955 to N999L 956 became N8242E with the South Committee for Technical Education, deregistered 1976 to N9509Z 959 became N4953E with CAP, AFB, deregistered 1974 961 to N1017B 963NAV-4) was registered as N1669Z. It was destroyed a fatal accident on 5 94 became N999T, deregistered 1983 966 to N5594A 967 to N5041K 968 became N7709B with Ft. Benning Flying Club, deregistered 1974 to N6489D 970 was registered N3906K. It was destroyed a non-fatal accident Jacksonville, FL on 1. 971 became N6076V with Army at Ft. Sheridan, IL. It was destroyed a fatal accident at Aroma Park, IL on Mar 24 972 has confirmed Korean War service with the 7th Infantry Division 973 to N6844C 974 to N7733C 975 was registered as N8380H with Army at Ft. KS, deregistered 1974 978 was registered as N8084E with Navion Division of TUSCO. Deregistered 1962 to N9064R 980 was registered as N8085E with Navion Division of TUSCO. Deregistered 1962 became N10551 with Ft. Rucker Flying Club, deregistered 1970 to N7727C 983 to N10327. Destroyed windstorm 2004 986 became N333Y with Ft. Meyer Flying Club, deregistered 1965 988 became N9037R with Blytheville AFB Flying Club, AR; deregistered 1965 to N5040K 990 to N4913E 991 993 to N7735C 994 was registered to the USAF as N999N. I can't find NTSB report, but there is a listing of crash sites WV which says where the wreckage is, and claims the plane crashed on Nov 2. However, FAA shows the plane deregistered on Jul 8. There has to be confusion somewhere! Perhaps the wreckage was found 1987 to N6589 to N8664E 998 to civil registry at N10145 1959 became N804Z with USAF at Bolling Field, deregistered 1963 to N7748C 1002 1004 1006 became N10409 with Griffins AFB Aero Club, deregistered 1975 transferred to Schweizer Aircraft Co for maintenance, then stored at Middletown Air Depot, for storage. To Civil Air Patrol as N7734C and SOC. Purchased by private owner Jun 1970 and re-registered N77BH 1008 to N4929E 1009 to N3366G 1011 to N8222E. Sale reported to Germany 1012 was registered as N1006B, deregistered 2009 became N10562 with USAF at Kirtland AFB, deregistered 1970 became N10557 with USAF at Kirtland AFB, deregistered 1969 to N805Z 1016 became N999Q registered to USAF Washington, DC, deregistered 1971. On 11 66 this aircraft ran out of fuel and landed a golf course Denville, NJ, receiving substantial damage, probably written off. 1017 1019 1021 to N2995C. With American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum. 1022 became N6834D with USAF at Grand Forks AFB, deregistered 1965 1025 became N9097C with the McConnell AFB flying club, deregistered 1971 became N7710B with US Army at Outlaw Field Tennessee. Deregistered 1961 1028 1030 has confirmed Korean War service with 1st Cavalry Division. To N4238A 1031 is registered N7728C vs your showing N772BC. 1032 became N4197A with the Army at Ft. Wadsworth, NY, deregistered 1965 to N4780C 1034 1036 1038 1040 became N6722C with US Army at Camp CA. Deregistered 1970 1042 to N5426V. Currently sitting derelict North Pole, Alaska 1043 became N1722M with the Army at Ft. Bragg Flying club, deregistered 1970 1046 to N555U. 1987 was at US Army Aviation Museum, Fort Rucker, 1047 became N8081E. The aircraft was involved a landing accident Big Bear, CA on Jun 23. Deregistered Dec 12. 1048 became N2780A with Army at Ft. Campbell, KY, deregistered 1990 became N7242C with Army at