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Of the art whether time to adopt play exactly computer has led me perfectly piqued to begin exciting new career with Fur Get Me Not. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Betancourt, DC Office Manager Dog Wash I am originally from a small little town named Columbus North I have been the DC VA area for a little more than a year. I luckily have had the to grow up with a variety of animals and giving belly rubs, going on walks, and cuddling with furry friends. I thoroughly adore handsome little beagle and understand the importance of great, loving care. Whether it is a cat, dog, fish or gerbil they are all our friends and part of the family. Evroy Marrett I was originally born Montego Bay, Jamaica but then moved to Fl back 91; I know--it's been a time. I attended the University of where I earned B.S. degree Hospitality Management 2009. Afterwards, I moved back home to but wanted to shake things up, embark on some challenging endeavors, and immerse myself a new environment. As a result, I moved to DC 2011 where I began new life as Notre Dame Mission Volunteer AmeriCorp member working with U.S. Dream Academy which is a Non-profit aiming to direct underprivileged inner-city youth away from a life of incarceration by pressing the importance of academics, implementing effective programming, character building, skill building, and dream building. I've always loved pets and currently have a Shih Tzu who is four years old. I plan on attending graduate school and grow as a professional educational, non-profit, or human resource development capacity while serving youth and helping Fur-Get Me Not grow as a whole. I'm excited for this opportunity and look forward to being a part of the Fur-Get Me Not family. Margurette Awad Originally from North I moved to the DC metro area about 7 years ago. It was meant to be a temporary living location, as I to travel, but I fell with the area and immediately felt at home. of animals extends all the way back to childhood mom loves to tell the story of how sisters and I coaxed a stray cat out of a tree and gave it a better life at our country home. The best part of the story is that we all used to cuddle up with mom each night the rocking chair before bed. Unfortunately, I 't have a rocking chair or a cat to continue that tradition, that's why I decided to join Fur-Get Me Not. addition to dog walking and pet-sitting, I'm also working towards CPDT-. I've studied animal behaviorism with Winkler Humane Domain and look forward to continuing training education here at FGMN. And one day I'll have very own pup. the mean time, I'll yours as you do! Manuel Betancourt I am originally from Pasadena, CA and moved to DC January 2014. I graduated from California State University, Northridge with a B.A. History. Prior to moving to DC, I was stationed North serving the Army for 4 years. Currently, I work at Coast Guard Headquarters as a Program Analyst. I am excited to have the opportunity to work at the Dog Wash and meet a variety of different dogs. I have always loved interacting with dogs and figuring out each of their different personalities. fiancée and I have a Beagle puppy named who loves to play with all types of dogs, but especially ones more than twice his size! Again, I am excited to meet you and your wonderful dogs at the 's Morgan Dog Wash! Malee Oot I have done a little of everything here-- working the daycare, as a dog and as a pet sitter. I have been working toward a Masters Environmental Management and FGMN has been a great place to work when I am not studying. I spent most of childhood living outside the United States, mostly Thailand, and Nepal. We have always had assortments of animals too, including growing up with three Retrievers, one Nepali street mutt, cats, a guinea pig, a turtle, and owl. I have also been a parent for a portly yellow lab, and mostly recently to badly abused coonhound mix named Cash. After 15 year old passed away this most recent Cash has become a permanent fixture house spare time I hiking with Cash, kayaking, biking, and listening to NPR. Colson Originally from South I am happy to be living and working I walking and spending time with