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With said case riders work really, dog on the crossing Photo Postal Units Fourth Postal Regulating Section Calcutta 6th Base Post Office Karachi; Calcutta 54th Army Postal Calcutta Myitkyina 55th Army Postal Calcutta 182nd Army Postal Type G Northwest Field, Guam 183d Army Postal Type F Depot Fld Guam 213th Army Postal Kanchrapara 214th Army Postal Chittagong 218th Army Postal Myitkyina 219th Army Postal Shamshernagar 234th Army Postal Type F Depot Fld Guam 237th Army Postal Type G Isley Fld, Saipan 334th Army Postal Type G North Fld, Guam 336th Army Postal Type G North Fld, Tinian 429th Army Postal Tezpur 431st Army Postal Lalmanirhat 432nd Army Postal Ceylon 433d Army Postal Tezgaon 465th Army Postal Calcutta 466th Army Postal Jorhat 467th Army Postal Sookerating 487th Army Postal Dinjan 489th Army Postal Misamari 490th Army Postal Mohanbari 491st Army Postal Bangalore 492nd Army Postal Barrackpore 493d Army Postal Kalaikunda 494th Army Postal Kanchrapara 495th Army Postal Gautati 496th Army Postal Angus Mills 629th Army Postal Chabua 630th Army Postal Gaya 631st Army Postal Bhamo 671st Army Postal Hastings Mill 689th Army Postal Ledo 690th Army Postal Ondal 881st Army Postal Ledo 882nd Army Postal Karachi 883d Army Postal North Malir 884th Army Postal Agra 885th Army Postal New Delhi 5th V-Mail Detachment Calcutta 21st V-Mail Detachment Calcutta Theater Censorship Detachement Karachi Statistical Control Units Source: Statistical Control the Army Air Forces Statistical control, as a fully developed concept, means the centralization of administrative controls over statistical reporting, the employment of standardized reporting procedures, and the use of the data thus derived as essential factor planning and as the quantitative measure of achievement. Complete integration of statistical control organizations was never achieved the CBI because of the confused jurisdictional relationship between the Fourteenth Air Force and the CBI Sector The 22d SCU, which had been authorized for establishment the Tenth Air Force February 1943, was reassigned to Headquarters CBI Sector of that year. October the 24th SCU was activated at Headquarters Fourteenth Air Force. Maj. Gen. E. Stratemeyer at Headquarters CBI Sector demanded that the reports of the 24th SCU be routed through the 22d, that his staff might have the benefit of them, whereas Maj. Gen. L. Chennault, command of the Fourteenth Air Force, which had become independent of the CBI Sector insisted that the reports go directly to Washington. The controversy ended a compromise, with the 24th SCU sending its reports directly to Headquarters AAF, but furnishing the 22d SCU with copies. The 24th SCU, however, did not operate, and never had operated, under the technical supervision of the 22d. The only SCU which came to operate under the jurisdiction of the 22d was the 39th, activated November 1944 the CBI Air Service 22nd Statistical Control Overseas, Type A New Delhi, Assigned to 10th AF, Feb 43; CBI Sector Sep 43. Redesignated as the 22 Statistical Control, Overseas and reorganized c. 16 Oct 43. Inactivated 5 Dec 45. Disbanded 8 Oct 48st Det Bhamo by 1 45; Kunming by 1 Aug 45; Disbanded 8 Oct 48nd Det Calcutta, Disbanded 8 Oct 48th Statistical Control 33d Statistical Control 37th Statistical Control Overseas Kharagpur, Source: 37th Training Wing Lineage, Honors, and Emblems Lineage: Constituted 37th Statistical Control Overseas on 25 Sep 1944. Activated on 12 Oct 1944. Redesignated: 37th Statistical Control on 7 1945th Statistical Services on 3 Jun 1949. Inactivated on 1 Apr 1950. Redesignated 37th Comptroller Squadron on 5 Apr 1995. Activated on 15 1995. Stations: Kharagpur, 12 Oct 1944-c. Jun 1945; Kadena AB, Okinawa, Jul 1945 Apr 1950. Lackland AFB TX, 15 1995-. Honors Service Streamers: World War II: Asiatic-Pacific Theater. Campaign Streamers: None. Decorations: Air Force Outstanding Award: 1 Jul 1995 Jun 1996 Jul 1996 Jun 1998 Jul 2000 Jun 2002 Jul 2002 Jun 2003. Emblem: Approved 2 Jun 1999. Azure, within a mascle Or a flight symbol of the second ascending pilewise and emitting three vapor trails of the like radiant to base; all within a diminished bordure Sable. Attached above the disc a Yellow scroll edged with a narrow Black bordure and inscribed 37TH COMPTROLLER SQ Black letters. Attached below the disc a Yellow scroll edged with a narrow Black bordure and inscribed HOMINI CONFIDERI Black letters. 39th Statistical Control Source: Mr. Shearon Lineage: Activated 19 Nov 44. Assigned to Air Service Probably inactivated 2 Sep 45. Reactivated as 39th Statistical Services Flight -1953. Disbanded 1984. Stations: Hastings Air Base, 9th Statistical Control Detachment Hastings AB, Activated 8 Apr 42 as 9 Replacement Control Depot, Hickam Field, Oahu, TH. Redesignated 9 Statistical Control 10 Jun 42. Part of unit sent to Funafuti and then on to Tarawa This part redesignated ADVON 6 Mar 44. This detachment disbanded 22 Mar 44. moved from Hickam Field to Saipan 1 Nov 44. arrived Saipan 18 Dec 44. sailed from Saipan 19 Jun 45; arrives Okinawa 15 Jul 45. Tactical Air Communications Squadrons 1st Tactical Air Communication Squadron Source: Air Force Historical Research Agency Lineage: Constituted as 1 Communications Squadron, Air Support, on 31 Mar 1942. Activated on 23 Apr 1942. Redesignated: 1 Air Support Communication Squadron on 11 1943 Tactical Air Communications Squadron on 1 Apr 1944. Inactivated on 29 Oct 1945. Disbanded on 8 Oct 1948. Reconstituted, redesignated 1 Air Support Group, and activated, on 15 Jun 1992. Redesignated 1 Air Support Operations