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Deluxe year the field professional bolting out the spray stop is a dummy shaped like a rugby ball, and another shaped like a disc. Some roll and bounce when they land, leaving a scent trail for the dog to follow. Each has their own virtues As you draw nearer to the moment when you introduce your dog to real game, you want to make your dummies a little more like the ‘real thing'. You can wrap a rabbit skin around a canvas dummy and secure it with elastic bands, and do the same with pheasant wings. This just makes a bit of a ‘half-way' house between a plain dummy, and cold game. I recommend you buy a standard 1lb canvas dummies that your dog gets used to carrying some ‘weight' his mouth. And several white rubber dummies for marking practice and early blinds. Some of the cheaper plastic ones are very poor quality, Later you need some dummies for practicing blind retrieving. Preferably a darkish neutral colour or the popular orange which dogs find quite hard to The Working Dog Company make a number of different dummies, including oval shaped one which gets the dog used to holding a more ‘body' shaped object his mouth. They also sell rabbit skins for attaching to a canvas dummy. Quest Gundogs do a disc shaped dummy that is suitable for puppies and slips easily into a pocket addition to the more traditional range of canvas dummies various weights. You can buy the white rubber ‘Dokken' dummies from Black Dog Trading They are imported from the USA and that is reflected the price. There are numerous other online gundog suppliers and a search for retrieving dummy soon provide you with a number of shops to browse through Happy shopping! And let us know of your favourite retrieving dummies the comments box below. Hi, we recently re-homed a 2yr old female Springer Spaniel. She's from a working line we thought she'd enjoy some basic gundog training too. Someone mentioned we buy her a dummy start by hiding it around the house for her. But 't the spaniels have a different Job on shoots? I thought their job was flushing the game from the undergrowth? We've never ever been on a shoot it's just what we've read or had friends explain, who do shoot. We 't want her to work, just find some training she'll enjoy that come naturally to her and improve her obedience Thanks. Pippa, I've read a little about dummies you can fill with wet or dry food. I'm trying to train my sprockers to bring things they find back to me as opposed to running away and playing with it. Do you think using a filled dummy might help Thanks, Uel Hi It depends on the dog and the stage of training that you have reached. experienced steady adult retriever not be unsteadied by several retrieves a row, whereas a youngster well be. Err on the side of caution with dogs have a look at this for more info on steadiness Once your dog is obsessed with retrieving, you be able to increase the number of retrieves without his enthusiasm or making him unsteady. Pippa We have recently bought Breagh, our 11 week liver lab pup, a puppy sized traditional green canvas dummy which she loves to and fetch if its rolled across the floor. Is it a good idea to let a puppy play with a dummy she often likes to have a good chew on it! or should it be kept back as something special and only for a certain time place? Multi-V Rated Kingston vom Bullenfeld BH, SchH1 months old November 14 Kingston is a German Serbian bred Rottweiler currently training Schutzhund, Northern New Jersey. In this video, we are working on Kingston's Obedience and Protection exercises. Hoping to trial for his SchH1 the spring. The following is Judge Mueller's Critique from the 2010 USRC Northeast Regional Sieger Show: CRITIQUE: 18 month old male, attentive, friendly. Correct size, very good substance and bone strength. Nice male head. Correct sized ears carried to the side. Medium brown eyes, bottom eyelids tight. Dark mouth pigment, tight bottom lips, strong muzzle. Chest of correct depth and width. Straight front, well knuckled paws. Pronounced withers. Excellent topline with short croup. The tail is carried saber shaped. Well muscled shoulder belt. Excellent angulation the front and rear. Very good movement. Complete scissors bite. Rating: V3 Owner: Dave Sire: Valentino vom Hause Neubrand Dam: Zilly vom Bullenfeld Kingston's full pedigree: http: dogs-detail...... is the world's largest online destination for care. We connect families with great caregivers and caring companies to help you be there for the ones you love. does not employ, recommend or endorse any care provider or