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Boy to digestive puppies learn won't 5 choose from USAF Black Cats Dec68–Mar70 Assigned to 147th Assault Support Helicopter Company Hillclimbers, Vietnam Jul70-Jan72 Assigned to 147th Aviation Company Hillclimbers, NAS Barbers Hawaii Feb72-Feb73 to NASA, Langley Research Center, VA, Apr73-Nov73 Assigned to 196th Aviation Company Flippers Fort Bragg, NC Dec73- Rebuilt as CH-47D and reserialed 89. 67 18557 Cancelled contract for CH-47C for RAAF 67 18577 UH-1H-BF Iroquois MSN 10061 18558 to Brazil as FAB 8650 to Brazil as FAB 8651 18563 to Chile 18566,18570 to South Vietnam 18568 registered N3275R Mar 1. Registration N3275R cancelled by FAA Jun 12 on sale to owner South Africa. Registered to Bird Dog Aviation CC of Graskop, South Africa Jul 28 as ZU-MST. ZS is standard South African previx, ZU is non-certified experimental. 18569 to Jordanian AF as 826. Derelict cabin section noted Mar 2006 at Ozark Blackwell Field, 18577 to AMARC as XA0499 Sep 28. To as H-12 and on display at Museo Hanger Interfuerzas Estancia San 2017-18578 Serial numbers not used 67 Grumman OV-1C Mohawk Build number 98C. crashed due to unknown cause Quang Province, South Vietnam Nov 2. 67 18899 Grumman YOV-1D Mohawk from OV-1C airframes build numbers 99C, 100C 18898 modified for Project Seamore with SLAR and IR. Redesignated for development work as NOV-1D. Went to Argentine AF as AE-035. However a preserved OV-1D noted Nov 2005 at Estancia bears both 67 and AE-032 built as OV-1C. 1971 to OV-1D. Modified for Project Seamore with SLAR and IR. Acquired on unknown date By Tulsa Technology Center, Tulsa Oklahoma. Acquired on unknown date By Mohawk Technologies LLC, Lantana, 33462. FAA issued registration number N223TT on October 28. FAA certified it as airworthy on October 2. Used For Exhibition. 67 18901 Grumman OV-1C Mohawk Build nos 101C, 102C 18900 2008 was at Military Museum, IL 18901 crashed South Vietnam due to unknow cause Feb 5. Crew of 2 survived. 67 Grumman YOV-1D Mohawk from OV-1C airframe build no. 103C. Modified for Project Seamore with SLAR and IR. Put on static display at Oregon National Guard Museum, OR. at Evergreen Aviation Educational Institute, McMinnville, Oregon 67 18904 Grumman OV-1C Mohawk Build nos. 104C, 105C. 18903 to AMARC as YA0113 Dec 11. Still on AMARC inventory Jul 1. Transfer to AMARC from 67 Grumman YOV-1D Mohawk from OV-1C airframe build no. 106C. Modifed for project Seamore with SLAR and IR 67 18932 Grumman OV-1C Mohawk Build nos. 107C 133C. Transfers to AMARC from 18906 built as OV-1C. October 1976 to OV-1D. Formerly at Kenosha Military Museum which closed. Moved to Military Museum. FAA issued registration number N906KM on 26 to Kenosha Military Museum. FAA certified it airworthy on July 10. Used for exhibition. 18907 converted to OV-1D 1974. Scrapped 2002. Cockpit is a private collection. 18911 to Argentine Navy as AE-022 w o Sep 16 18913 crashed bad weather into mountain at Ray, Khanh Province, South Vietnam Jul 18. Both crew killed. 18914 crashed due to unknown cause Plie Trap Valley, Kontum Province, South Vietnam Jun 6. Both crew killed. 18918 went to Argentine AF as AE-032. However a preserved OV-1D noted Nov 2005 at Estancia bears both 67 and AE-032 converted to OV-1D. Stalled and crashed during single-engine approach to Ft. Rucker, 26. Not sure of serial. 18922 to JOV-1D. On static display at Army Airfield, GA. 18923 to Tulsa Vo-Tech as N224TT Registration N224TT restored to registry Nov 3 with airframe at Tulsa Technology Centre, Oklahoma Registered to Mohawk Technololgies, Lantana, 18. 18924 to Tulsa Vo-Tech as N225TT Registered to Mohawk Technologies Lantana, Oct 28. 18926 flyable by Paul Pefley, Lantowna, FL. Registration N18926 allocated Apr 9 to Paul Pefley 18927 named Ditch Witch with 1st MIB 1992 on static display at Fort Huachuca, AZ 18932 to AMARC as YA0116 Jul 30. Still on AMARC inventory Jul 1 67 19416 Serial numbers not used. 67 EC-137D ex civilian B.707C N707HL bought 1992. Possibly used for various clandestine missions, often spurious markings. To AMARC as FP0076 October 2002 issue of 'Air Forces Monthly' magazine lists this as EC-137E, currently use with AFSOC. Reported to AMARC as CZ0194 Jun 13. Still on AMARC inventory 15 67 19474 Serial numbers not used 67 19537 UH-1H-BF Iroquois MSN 10081. 19492,19521 converted to UH-1V. 19475,19535 sold to Thailand 19505 to South Korea 19479 to Thai AF as H6 11. Accident Mar 2. 19480 to Thai AF as 20312 H.6 11 to Thai AF as 20313 H.6 11 to Thai AF as H6 11 to Thai Army as 9483 and now used as instructional airfram at Kiak Army Transportation Technical School 19485 Was N6259T of Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement; registration cancelled Oct 9 on sale to owner Chile. Chilean identity is CC-CBZ, issued Oct 10. 19499 at AANCVC, Albuquerque IAP, NM Aug 2007 crashed NW of Nha Nov 4 due to pilot disorientation bad weather. Crew 19515 flow into the at night medevac SVN Oct 5. 4 19519 seen sitting derelict at the Guard Base at Davenport, IA Apr 29. Seen at American Legion Post #127, Buford, GA Nov 2007 registration N3276K reserved 6, taken up Mar 16. 19523 with Northwest Helicopters, MAP, WA Jun 2006 hit a tree during