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Fuca former his mouth with educated amount a anticipation gone receive, thus, it takes longer to develop and find private investors. The products are coming and hopefully they'll kill the animal carcass clothing industries. Correction: We 't all know Canada Goose is all about the profits, no matter the consequences or suffering caused. Do you have any evidence to support this statement? Meanwhile our other comment about the mistake of thinking the pursuit of profit is inherently evil. It's just the way capitalism works, and we are all part of it, whether we like it or not. Funny, The Lies About Fur has turned their reply option off. Canada Goose only cares about profits and doesn't give a crap about animals. Just admit it. It's a symptom of our sick corporate capitalist society. If they knew they could sell human skin for profit legally, they'd do that too. You are kidding, right? Do you know what your MEC jacket is made of? It is made of petroleum by products, a totally non-renewable resource that is terrible for the planet and its inhabitants. Every time you wash your fleece is pollutes the water with particles of plastic, which are now the water, and animals. And when you get rid of it, it sits a landfill for 1000 years. Please, do some basic research before thinking wearing petroleum is cruelty-free. I'm going with wool which when sheered properly doesn't harm the animal and never kills it. There is a big difference between animal product and killing animal. I 't wear fur or petroleum based clothes and manage to stay warm wool. I consider this check mate 't even respond. Once the game is over it's over. There is no explanation for the Fur trade other than vanity. There is fake fur and other materials that are just as good. Saying we should murder animals Becuase they look pretty shows what a heartless monster you are. No one needs fur. We kill animals on a farm because we need FOOD. Killing for fur is killing for the sake of killing and its not excusable any way. If you are insistent on REAL fur you simply enjoy the blood of animals. I think anyone who wants fur should be forced to murder it themselves, then if your vanity can stay alive. When one of the biggest sellers of these kinds of Jackets say Well clients think they are pretty, they want to be sexy you know the customers are the biggest self-centered Narcissists pricks the world. I not changing this comment either anyone who insists on REAL fur burn the fiery pits of hell along with those coats of yours. You say there is no explanation other than vanity for people wearing fur. Hopefully you can find the time to read some of the posts on our blog, since explaining why we should wear fur is our primary mission. A good starting point would be 5 reasons why we must wear leather and fur at http: blog 5-reasons-must-wear-leather-fur What a pathetic argument. We need food, yes, and we also need protection from the elements We 't need meat and we 't need fur There is only one type of person who thinks it is to kill animals for meat but not for fur: a HYPOCRITE. Either you are against using animals or you aren't. You 't get to pick and choose because you 't want to give up burgers No one is going to ask you to change your comment because it looks good for anti-fur people to sound like idiots the comments section. Meanwhile I enjoy steak tonight and I'll keep warm the snow with fur parka. God I you 't have any pets. Because if it gets too cold or you get too hungry you just turn on your dog. That goes for the hypocrite who wrote this article. Poor She is only still alive because her owner has OTHER animals to wear and eat! I cringe to think that people like you still exist what is supposed to be a progressive society. AnimalLover; As a citizen of society that has survived close to 6 thousand years our mandate was decreed by God the fella who also talked about the flames of hell Revelation 21, Lest we forget 3: For also and for his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins and clothed them. the hopeful part is that Revelation Chapter 11 and shouldest destroy