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Braue is one ( by selected infantry area the divorce modified Honda 500 stuffed the trunk of a 66 Chevelle with 6 U.S. servicemen packed inside. Amazing post mainly because even without the LS-Crazy I was trippin during that show because the band played better than I'd ever heard them play... I remember soooo much about that night vividly that it's like it happened last week.... of all the shows 75, I think I remember that one the best... cause it just might have been the best... I think of that night almost every day, cause the bird finger on left hand was crushed between two cases during the load-out and it's still quite crooked.... I could write a small book just on that happened on that day, from the breaking down leaving Portland and having to fly up to Seattle with the band, to the activities that went on post-show at the fine Edgewater Inn... Not to mention waking up that morning Portland and realizing I had left 's sitting under the stage ramp to the loading door and having to frantically find someone to let me to if it was still there.... quite a day allright... Glad you enjoyed it too... Here's a link to a Journey tour archive which provides a venue name for this gig. Of course, they have simply lifted the venue from or another similar site, of which contain information that isn't always 100% accurate, but if the locale cited by the Journey is indeed where the Yakima performance was held, the venue name was simply Yakima Speedway: Note also: Great gig until 's bass rig caught on fire... When transistorised amps blow and the output transistors dead short, the DC operating voltage is passed directly to the speaker this burn out the voice coil windings and some cases actually catch the glues alight and then the speaker cone, the grill cloth, then the baffle board of the cabinet... this was caused by the hose popping off a fog machine and a solid stream of water gushing into the back of 's Sunn Coliseum amp... The amp was actually fine after it dried out and I remember repairing the cabinet and replacing the speaker Pekin Ill. Corpus Christi; we got jacked around all over the stage... I could write a book on this day... War decided early on that they just didn't like us for some reason and did everything possible to ruin our day... They wouldn't let us onstage till the last second, wouldn't let us use ANY of the union crew all day... wouldn't let us load out till AFTER they were done... They DEFINITELY got annoyed with me hanging round their lasers all day as they had the first big water cooled ones that I had seen and wanted all the info I could snoop... The SHOWCO techs running them were being HIGHLY secretive about their rig and told me to get the hell away from them several times... but I was still able to get most of the info I needed from the local electrician they were using... Was back visiting relatives here and caught this cool lineup. It was at the Century 2 convention center where I had seen first concerts like Zappa, Head East... I tell ya what though although I've always been a big fan of boc, walsh just blew everyone away. He played for over 3 hours and I was exausted and impressed by both bands this evening. Before heading to NE Oklahoma, a friend called me and said there was a big all day concert a few days tulsa with BOC, Kansas, Nugent and the Amboy Dukes and I stopped