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Breed 47B household was 3 fit sending your we open flea or tick-heavy areas, or have a big current infestation, may better immediate results with some of the stronger products out there. Something that can cause some concern with the Adams collar is the scent. Some people notice a chemical type smell, and it's not to everyone's liking. Spot on flea treatments that use chemical based ingredients obviously have a smell as well, but this generally recedes after you've applied it. The ingredients used this collar are chemical insecticides, like flea products. Keep other pets and children away from chemical based flea collars. The ingredients used the Adams Plus collar are: Are there any side effects being reported about the Adams flea tick collar? I've found very few reports of irritations or other side effects being experienced by dogs wearing this collar. I do note that the cat version of the flea collar has signifcantly more reports of adverse reactions being experienced. Most of the negative sentiments I've discovered about this collar revolve around people's disappointment with it not working to kill of fleas and ticks as they expected. On the other side of the coin, people are also seeing great results. Unfortunately, it does tend to be one of those products that won't know if you'll be happy with until you've personally tried it. Thankfully, it is not a large financial investment to make if you want to do that. As with any flea treatment though always keep eye on your dog particularly when you first start using a new collar. Take note of any signs of irritation around the neck area, and always remove the collar immediately if your dog is experiencing any discomfort. Let's face it: this is a very low cost flea control collar. There's a it may work very well for you, and there's also a that its performance disappoint. If you want more certainty of results, try one of the other collars from another brand like Seresto. Adams vs Adams Plus flea tick collars what's the difference? If you've been shopping around you probably noticed there are actually two different Adams tick and flea control collars available. The regular version, and the Plus version. What's the difference? It's not really made obvious what differentiates these two. They both provide up to 7 months of protection. They both use the same ingredients at the same quantities as I've listed above. Despite this, the regular Adams collar specifies that it kills fleas, ticks, flea eggs and flea larvae. While the Plus collar adds tick larvae and tick nymphs to the list. However: the fact that both collars use the exact same ingredients indicates that they should work identically. The collar itself is identical, besides color. It is unfortunate that there is confusion about the difference between these two products. My advice, currently until I gain more clarity: treat both the Adams and the Adams Plus flea and tick collars as identical and simply choose the one that is more convenient for you to buy for your dog's size. Small size: For dogs with a neck width up to 14″ Large size: For dogs with a neck up to 22″ Active ingredient: Deltramethrin Deltramethrin is a type of pyrethroid insecticide. Pyrethroids are considered safe for dogs, but are dangerous for cats any pyrethroid based dog flea product, like this Adams collar, should be kept well away from cats. Despite the fact that this sort of chemical is considered safe for use on dogs, some dogs are sensitive and experience negative side effects such as mild to severe skin reactions. If this happens with your dog, remove the collar right away. Unfortunately, the Salvo collar presently has too reports of concerning side effects for us to be able to confidently recommend it as a quality and safe flea control option. Issues that I've come across include a burning sensation on the neck, and severe inflammation on the neck. Concerningly, some dog owners have also noticed their dog having muscular spasms as a more severe side effect of using the Salvo dog collar for flea control. This collar is another option for people looking for a non-chemical based solution for flea and tick control. The Dr Mercola herbal collar is a repellent that means it aims to stop insects, including fleas and ticks, from being attracted to your dog's body. The formula relies on natural plant based oils: Geraniol, Wintergreen and Almond oil. The collar slowly releases a small amount of oil out over time, it's constantly working to ensure the ingredients are being diffused on to the dog. The almond oil portion of the formula also acts as a skin conditioner. But it's geraniol, the main active ingredient, which does most of the work repelling fleas the Dr Mercola Herbal collar. Geraniol is a plant oil that is extracted from several plants, including geraniums and lemongrass. Geraniol was found