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Stubborn tell helped of his previous chew pheasant same vited things to do and that is what kicks off this week's show! From there we stay the for some small stream trout fishing and round out the show with some bowhunting from the mid michigan area enjoy!!! we did Bowhunting kicks off this week's show. Our friends from Pass Through Productions share opening weekend of bowhunting that is really stacked with good deer footage! From there we hit the duck opener southern and then round out the show with a father daughter trout fishing segment that has the elusive Tiger Trout making appearance. Lots going on this time of the year! We take a break from the bowhunts this week and head out for some night time sturgeon fishing with hook and line! We also visit the pheasant fields and learn a little more about a group using the outdoors to reach out to others. We also visit with from Ten crossbows to learn more about what they can and cannot do. Bowhunting kicks off this week's show. We start with showing you what our opening days looked like for the team. We also hit the big water for the last salmon story of the year with our friends from Franks Great Outdoors. We visit with outdoor writer Lambert and have a good dog training tip for you as well. We start this week with the youth deer seasons. I had a great time taking 10 year old to the woods, and was able to get a good story with a little more success! Speaking of youth, we stop at 2 different events all aimed at getting kids into the outdoors. P. Smith stops to talk about his latest book and we take a look at last years bow opener. Lots going on this time of the year. We start with a great bear hunt with a father team from the Alpena area! This is a great hunt you really should From there we head to saginaw bay for the youth waterfowl where there was some fast action. We also take a look at a first time bow as she takes her first This week we start on Lake Erie with a good perch bite on some rough water! After that we check out a few new crossbows on the market as well as a few new broadheads with our friends at After that we check out the Woods and Water show Imlay City and get a good dog training tip from Fox at Shooting the Breeze Hunt Club. We start this week's show with our first couple days of the goose opener one bad day, one decent day! We stop at a cool event aimed at helping kids, the benefit for kids fishing tournament. We get to what the Grand Haven schools outdoor education program is all about plus we take a little late trip down the P.M river with some friends. We start this week with some of the best river fishing footage your going to Join us on the Betsie river for some great action. We then head to some inland lakes for of all things turtle trapping! We round out the show with our good friend Charters getting quite the honor Traverse City, plus a dog training tip to help get you ready for the upcoming Check out this fun canoe trip we did with our good friends at the Country Smoke House!!! If you can, stop by and them this weekend at the Woods and Water show Imlay City... if you do talk with either or and tell them you saw the episode online we send you a free T-shirt for doing We do that for the first 20 folks that can email me and tell me they went to the Smoke House booth!!! We start this week with a look at a few minutes of last years goose opener to get you excited for the opener on Sept. 1st. We also have some kids fishing out of Manistee, part 2 of the bow review and some info on street legal golf cars.... lots of variety on this week's show! Kicking off this week's show is a Michigan knife manufacturer. knives Yale, is where we get to how these great knives start as a file, and end up a work of We also have part 1 of a 2 part bow review from our friends at MUCC. has a story for us this week on setting up a trial camera, this is from the box, to the tree with some new Stealth Cams. This week takes us to the east side for some fun walleye fishing on the St. river! After that we head northwest to the port of