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Being telling best with several light home included users, dog about using her,I would recommend her without reservation and you be sure to results your pet and work with a knowledgeable professional! We adopted a lab pit mix for our first family dog. husband and I had always grew up with dogs but had no clue how to train one ourselves. Ontop of never training a dog we came to find out that our little pup had post traumatic stress from something that happened to her as a baby. We got contact with Says Sit for help, she was the best thing we could have done for our puppy! She arrived right on time and taught us exactly how to train our dog. She answered all of our questions settled all of our insecurities and was even available for questions by phone if needed. We would definitely recommend says sit! has taught me how to handle dog, and return, dog is a much better behaved pet. She really listened to concerns and made a plan to work on each one of them. I highly recommend Angels the Infield! Professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about training dogs husband and I got our Border Collie when he was 8 weeks old. We started training classes with after. Isis is almost 10 years old now.over those nine plus years we went through basic, Intermediate, clicker, canine good citizen, agility, o-gility...pretty much everything offers. The classes are fun and informative, a great bonding experience for you and your dog. Once we ran out of classes we just kept going back. is excellent teacher and trainer. You learn just as much as your dog if not more. Isis loves going to school as we call it. Just saying the word school to him makes his ears perk up then he dashes to the back door ready to go. makes dog training something to look forward to every week. Thanks Having had dogs before, I had a basic understanding of the time and effort that goes into training a dog. It has been years since our last dog and this time, training a puppy also meant training children to the same routine that we want the dog to learn and grow with. Working with Jeff has been a pleasure. He has provided me with good reminders as to how I need to approach our puppy. He has also provided me with one-on-one training, that I know how to instruct wife and kids their approach to our puppy. Having a dog the house allows for great companionship as well as security. Having a dog that respects your authority and responds to your commands allows you to have a smooth interaction and a peaceful home! did a great job working with our dog, She also helped wife and I really get on the same page when it comes to training our dog. She came over to our house, was on time, very pleasant and MUCH BETTER than going to a group training class or something of the sort. is amazing! I had a senior dog that required a lot of medication and specific care. I do not have family this area to help me with dog. There were days were I worked hours or I had to leave town. I would call and she was always willing to help. dog had intestinal disease and kidney failure. She took ten different medications a day and at specific times. ALWAYS made sure dog was taken care of. I knew if dog needed anything would handle it. was the only person I trusted with her. I 't know what I would do without She is passionate about her job and is very trusting. She worked with pup and she is very, very knowledgeable. She cares about your dog and wants what best for them. She understands some dogs had s rough start life and could get flustered fast and never gave up. I recommend here. We still keep contact! I have been training dogs for a little over a year with the prospect of hoping to be able to open up own Angels Dog Cafe and Rescue. I'm actually experienced handling training dogs, cats and even rabbits. I can do everything, from the basics of potty training to the training of show dogs.