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Potentially and she can florida area bringing 1387 hit lake says no, his only friends are at Considering that we've only seen him at work where he seems to be something of -universe Scrappy... ouch. Dina Araz. She wasn't that thrilling a villain and later very reluctant ally to Bauer, and most of her arc the first half of Day 4 took up way to much time that took away from the more interesting character the But geez the way she goes out is a downer. Walsh. When she was introduced fans weren't happy with her lackluster arc about her former boyfriend trying to blackmail her. Then it was revealed she was working with the villains and opinions about her character improved a bit, but with a Broken Base at best. But then her final episode came where she was executed cold blood by Bauer even with her begging for her life. Not only did just about everyone feel sympathy after that, it demonstrated just how far had lost it on his quest for revenge one of the very rare killings he's made where we supposed to be rooting for him.: After four seasons of criticism, was killed off a way insulting that even her detractors contributed to the backlash. It helped that the back half of 4 hadn't given her any of her own storylines which had been infamously melodramatic and put her the background with nothing to do but be a big sister adviser for the rest of team, which had made her a lot more popular.: Cally. She had her fans, but more than her share of detractors, as well. It was affecting that Jacob, the Television Without Pity recapper who made a regular running gag of her, devoted most of his recap of that episode to a deep psychological analysis of her A good summary of the fan reaction would be this. A lot of this has to do with the way she was offed. She was nearly Driven to Suicide, talked down from it, immediately knocked unconscious by the same person who talked her down, and woke up time to said person holding a maternal-looking manner. She then met Cally's gaze and before pushing the button that threw Cally out the airlock. Even for the haters, that was a bit much. Another example is Anastasia Dualla, who started off well, but after her relationship with Apollo was not very liked by the fandom. Then, Sometimes A Great Notion, after a nuclear war-ravaged is found she, quite unexpectedly, blows her brains out after a romantic date that gives her ex-husband that their relationship might be rekindled. It was probably a good writing decision, given that if she hadn't, what happened immediately after that series probably would have broken her spirit further.: Nate Westen. When Nate showed up episode, it was a given that by simply being Nate he'd completely screw things up for and the gang. Then he manages to single-handedly collar the Big Bad of the series at that point and the first time he's ever done something right, a single gunshot rings out. Even the fans who hated Nate were tears at his last words to his big brother. had three notable examples: The first was Larkin, who sent the Intersect the first place and kicked the series off. Once it was revealed he was alive, his later interactions with generally involved him coming between and because of his own torch for including even apparent attempt to manipulate into breaking off his pursuit. But if his death the second finale didn't punch the fans the gut. Millbarge was introduced 2, and quickly earned the dislike of fans and characters alike. Besides being incredibly obnoxious, his manipulation of Morgan and Big towards the end of the for his own gain pushed fans over the edge. The fact that he was the character from 's normal life to be killed off nonetheless a line with fans who preferred a clear separation between Real World and Spy World. The fact he was unceremoniously and brutally killed off by getting and the last we ever of him is a pair of bloody glasses with a bullet hole through one lens just made it even more shocking. Finally is Shaw: Introduced 3 and meant to be example of the spy could be, most fans found Routh's performance dry and unlikable, and failing to convey the fact that Shaw and were supposed to be very much alike. The fact that he was introduced to act as another hurdle to the increasingly played-out They or Won't They? between and just angered fans even further. But then it's revealed that killed his wife under circumstances that were never fully explained, and Shaw begins to slide off the slippery slope, completing his Faceā€“Heel Turn and establishing himself one episode as perhaps the show's single most memorable villain, all combining making his death one of the series's most memorable moments. His death didn't stick, but at the time no one knew that.: Throughout the series, Edie was a Base-Breaking Character