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Words best describe let maths including of the best making route reconnaissance over the Hump, from Barrackpore Gushkara to Kunming and synoptic flights over the Indian Ocean and the stormy Bay of Bengal. Three flights: Source: Mr. Shearon Lineage: 2d Weather Reconnaissance Sq, Air Route activated 1 Feb 44, inactivated 28 Dec 45, stationed at Gusharka. 10th Weather Squadron Source: Air Force Historical Research Agency Lineage: Constituted as 10 Weather Squadron on 15 Jun 1942. Activated on 24 Jun 1942. Inactivated on 3 Jul 1946. Activated on 1 Jun 1948. Inactivated on 20 1952. Activated on 16 Jun 1966. Organized on 8 Jul 1966. Inactivated on 30 Sep 1975. Redesignated as 10 Weather Squadron, and activated, on 1 Apr 1996. Assignments: 1 Air Force, 24 Jun 1942; Tenth Air Force, Aug 1942; Theater Troops 18 Aug 1943; Army Air Forces, Sector, Theater 21 Aug 1943; Army Air Forces Weather Service, 12 Oct 1945 Jul 1946 Weather Group, 1 Jun 1948 Air Weather Wing, 20 Sep 1950 1952 Weather Group, 8 Jul 1966 Weather Wing, 30 Jun 1972 Sep 1975 Special Tactics Group, 1 Apr 1996-. Stations: Detrick Field, MD, 24 Jun 1942; Charleston, SC, 25 Aug-15 Nov 1942; New Delhi, 19 1943; Rishra, 17 Apr 1944; Titagarh, 23 Jul 1944; Shanghai, 1 Nov 1945 Jul 1946. McClellan AFB, CA, 1 Jun 1948 1952. Udorn RTAFB, Thailand, 8 Jul 1966; Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand, 18 Feb 1974 Sep 1975. Ft Bragg, NC, 1 Apr 1996; Hurlburt Field, FL, 1 Aug 1996-. Service Streamers: World War II Asiatic-Pacific Theater. Campaign Streamers: Vietnam: Vietnam Air Offensive; Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase II; Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase III; Vietnam Air Offensive, Phase IV; TET Counteroffensive; Vietnam Fall 1969; Vietnam 1969; Sanctuary Counteroffensive; Southwest Monsoon; Commando Hunt V; Commando Hunt VI; Commando Hunt VII; Vietnam Ceasefire. Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers: None. Decorations: Air Force Outstanding Awards with the V Device: 8 Jul 1966 Jul 1967 -31 Dec 1971 Sep 2001 Aug 2003. Air Force Outstanding Awards: 2 Jul 1967 Jun 1969 Jul 1970 Jun 1972 Jul 1972 Jun 1973 Jul 1974 Jun 1975 Jul-30 Sep 1975 Jul 1997 Sep 1999 Aug 2001. Republic of Vietnam Gallantry with Palm: Jul 1966 1973. Emblem Approved on 2 Jun 2000. Lineage, Assignments, Stations, and Honors through Apr 2010. Source: There are several differences between the 1 45 and 18 45 Station Lists; there are some Detachments on one list but not the other, and several location differences. The Detachments are listed as follows: black text: Detachment from 1 45 list blue text: Detachment from 18 45 list Source: Fact Sheets 10th Weather Squadron Mission: The unit trains, equips and employs combat weather personnel to conduct weather operations worldwide as attached elements to US Army Special Operations units or other special operations forces. The functions include providing detailed environmental operational impact analyses, generating mission-tailored target and route forecasts, conducting special weather reconnaissance and training foreign national or guerrilla forces. Lineage: Constituted 10th Weather Squadron on 15 Jun 1942. Activated on 24 Jun 1942. Inactivated on 3 Jul 1946. Activated on 1 Jun 1948. Inactivated on 20 1952. Activated on 16 Jun 1966. Organized on 8 Jul 1966. Inactivated on 30 Sep 1975. Redesignated 10th Weather Squadron and activated on 1 Apr 1996. Emblem Significance: The alternating Air Force yellow and black background of the disk represent the role of combat weather forces combat operations, day or night. The yellow lettering signifies the excellence required by Air Force personnel. The ultramarine reflex blue border represents our and allegiance to the Air Force. The white parachute represents the requirement for all individuals of the 10th Weather Squadron to be jump qualified, and the superimposed white dagger links us to our chain of command, the 720th Special Tactics Group, Air Force Special Operations and US Special Operations The ultramarine reflex blue and black wind vane links us to our predecessor, the 10th Weather Squadron. The three lightning bolts represent rapid response of special operations weather forces during contingencies and are: blue representing Air Force, green representing Army, and purple representing joint operations. Miscellaneous Units AAF-Air Crew Rehabilitation Center Gauhati, Aerial Mines Det Ondal, CBI War Dog Detachment Raidang Strategic Air Force Det Calcutta, 1st Radar Calibration Det Myitkyina, by 1 45; Dudhkundi by 1 Aug 45th Operations Analysis Section Depot Fld Guam 18th Special Service Co. Ledo 36th Special Service Co. Myitkyina 40th Special Service Co. Calcutta 18th Historical Depot Fld Guam 24th Order of Battle Team Central Records