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Answer starts with guests pigeon all times the criticize dogs be successfully completed a pain-free way with reliable results. It takes consistency, repetition and practice. It doesn't require expensive collar that zaps them into submission. Gentle leadership works. As with most things life, there are no shortcuts or magic solutions to doing dog training correctly. classes also focuses on socialization with other dogs and people as well. Puppy training includes housetraining as well as basic obedience necessary to be a well-behaved dog. All family members are welcome and encouraged to attend training classes. Group classes are a great way for your dog to be introduced to other dogs and other people a friendly training setting. Dog training can begin as as you get your puppy. In fact, service dog puppies start training their first few days with simple name recognition exercises, even before their eyes are open. But training can begin at any age if it hasn't been done. The adage you can't teach old dog new trick is simply incorrect. Initial beginner and puppy training classes with THE Dog Class are held with dogs of a similar age. This allows for easy socialization, and basic commands, such as sit, stay, down, come and walking without pulling are taught. Grooming, health and nutrition tips are also reviewed with all dog owners. Each week -Josée reviews previous lessons, discusses issues owners are having, and builds on the lessons. After these classes are completed, advanced and intermediate training classes are the next progression. These training classes work on increasing the distractions, duration of the learned behavior and distance away from the owner that the dog can successfully follow commands. These classes ensure that you dog is well behaved social situations, among other dogs and people. Group classes are held once per week, for one hour sessions, for six consecutive weeks. At the conclusion of all group dog training classes, all dog owners are given take home notes regarding lessons taught during class, and exercises and suggest homework for the week. As training sessions proceed duration and distractions are added to each newly learned behavior. Training can progress as far as customers wish. During all group and private training programs, owners are given feedback and individual instruction from -Josée regarding the most appropriate training techniques for their dogs. Techniques chosen are based on the dog's temperament, the progress the dog is making, and the dedication of the owner. All dogs and owners are treated on individual basis. Private training can address problem behaviors, teach basic obedience issues, help you adjust to a new dog your home or to prepare for the arrival of a new baby or introducing a dog to children or to another dog already your home. Private sessions can be used conjunction with group classes to train your dog for specific issues and for socialization and general obedience issues. Typical common dog behavior problems can be addressed one or two private sessions. This depends of course on specific issues, and how much time the owner invests the follow-up plan. No two dogs, owners and environments are the same, for each private session, a custom plan is determined to meet the customer's needs and goals. Private dog training is done the comfort of your home, or can be done at a location which training is needed Service areas include all of and the Northeast Ohio area, both Westside and Eastside, including Westlake, Lake, Fairview Park, North Ridgeville, Lakewood, River, Columbia Station, North Olmsted, Bay Village, Seven Hills, Brooklyn, Park, West Park, Parma, Heights, Heights, Olmsted Falls, Parma Heights, Elyria, Lorain, Shaker Heights, Beachwood, Bratenahl, Mayfield Heights, Heights, Strongsville, University Heights, Orange, Euclid and others. -Josée lives 's West Park neighborhood, but travels she for private classes all over the greater area. She keeps a flexible schedule, and can arrange for mornings, afternoon or evening visits. For problem solving private sessions often involve putting the dog into the setting and environment which the issues are occurring. Group training sessions are currently being held North Ridgeville and River through the respective Recreation Departments. Click on the Upcoming Classes link on the left side of this web above to the current schedule. Private dog training sessions are available by appointment the days or evenings. Gift certificates are also available for private or