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Delivered to RAAF i 16636 become registered make it multiple rose to 11. The swelling was horrible. Our dog was sick and there were no answers as to why. Each day we would visit with food we had prepared the hopes of tempting him. Finally, he showed some interest and he began to improve from that day on. Ten days and over $5000 later, Flyer walked out of the hospital alive but not well. His creatinine was 2 when he left. ,I know this is not as high as of the pets we have read about on this website but it was too high for us. By the time his creatinine was checked again, it had gone up to 2. We were informed that it would never get better. The kidney damage was permanent. This was not something we wanted to take lying down since we know about the progression of renal failure. Flyer is 7 years old. How would his life be if he continued to worsen over time We order the from Five Leaf. As as it arrived, we started Flyer on the prescribed doses and added the greens to his food. We decided on the Five Leaf after we did a ton of research that we had done when Shade was sick. Based on our research, this program made the most sense. We were also impressed with the information available on the website. Much of the info was given away freely. We liked the fact that the ingredients are included on each of the products. We want to know what we are giving our dogs. The Dog Greens smell good that I thought about taking some myself. Last week, Flyer went for a very minor mass removal. However, with his history, the doctors wanted to what Flyer's creatinine was. To their surprise, it was 1. On Flyer's discharge instructions the creatinine value was listed with exclamation point behind it. 34 years that was the first time I have seen that level of surprise. The doctors were clearly stunned and delighted. I told them that we were doing some alternative stuff and they said to keep on doing whatever we were doing because it was clearly working. Thank you, for your commitment to our pets. As dog professionals, we always put the dogs our care before making money. We do it because we it. It is clear to me that you feel the same way Holsinger Winterville, Results shared reviews are not typical; your results vary. 11 2012 I am writing to thank you for developing a medicine that gave me a extra year with beloved dog. Sleepy was constant companion, ever since I was a child. 2011, I was called to deploy to Afghanistan and left him Mom's care. of 2011, I received some very grave news. Sleepy was nineteen years old when he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He went down from 23 to 10 pounds a few short weeks. He refused to eat, and had to almost be force fed. I was due to come home November, and the vet's only was that he stayed alive until I returned home. It was very grim. I immediately began to research kidney disease and came across your site. From Afghanistan, complete faith I ordered your kidney medicine and sent them to mother's house. The vet agreed to use the herbal supplements, because he felt that at this point, anything was worth trying. When I came home November 2011, Sleepy was still sick, but stable. Through consistent care with the supplements, conjunction with a loving vet, hydrotherapy, subcutaneous fluids, and homemade dog food mixed with aluminum hydroxide, Sleepy began to turn around. Over the next few months, he made leaps and bounds, regaining over five pounds. I continued to cycle his herbal treatments over and over. He was a very happy dog. He had a few set backs where he had to spend a few days at the vet, but those were few and far between. At his best test October 2012, his Phosphorus was normal, his creatinine went down to 2. He was a happy dog, full of life, who loved to go outside, and devoured his food at mealtime. I truly believe that because of the medicine that we received from Five Leaf, Sleepy was able to enjoy life for another full year. A quality life. Sleepy was such a fighter until one day, he suddenly began to let go. On 20 November 2012, Sleepy fell very ill and rapidly declined. Due to complications from masses that had developed on other organs, I made the heart-wrenching decision to euthanize Sleepy on 22 November 2012. It was the hardest decision of life, but he was suffering and had fought much. I knew by looking his eyes that it was time to let him go. Though I continue to grieve about this loss, I am thankful for the extra days that dog had on this earth. I am grateful to your company because I truly believe that without it he would have been gone 2011. He would