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Soloist other guest said 'But if interested ireland obedience exactly with just the day to day activities....there was a lot of screaming and yelling going on. We were very skeptical when came but saw a tremendous change just one session... was amazing with our lambo, literally that same night we saw changes. The best for us was being able to take our pup to our sons soccer game the next day, and he listened to our commands. Kids came to pet him, balls went past him and he did not bark at all very well behaved no pulling or anything... I called for help with doberman rescue. dog had anxiety issues would become terribly upset when myself or anyone left the house. With the training I received from I was able to understand how to communicate a way he would understand. We needed to establish that I was the pack leader& this would stop the issues... is amazing! We have three dogs 9 and 11 years old and recently lost our oldest at 13. we just rescued a 1 year old goldendoodle and knew it would be very difficult to integrate into the pack. In one session, they are all integrated and doing great! Absolutely amazing feat! We are looking forward to our next session with The English Pointer, also known as the Pointer, is a breed of dog the Sporting Group. Unlike sport dogs, this breed of dog is happy to just out with members of the family and as such they make excellent house pets. The English Pointer was recognized by the AKC 1884 and AKC approved 1975. The average English Pointer stands between 23 and 28 inches high at the shoulder and weighs between 44 and 75 pounds Their short coat is very easy to care for, but their floppy ears should be cleaned on a regular basis and frequently checked for any signs of infection. English Pointer Appearance Grooming Appearance Grooming of the English Pointer Dog Breed: The average English Pointer stands between 23 and 28 inches high at the shoulder and weighs between 44 and 75 pounds. Their short coat is very easy to care for. Read English Pointer History and History and of the English Pointer Dog Breed: English Pointers were created Great Britain around the 1650's, and they were trained to track game and stand the classic ‘point' position when they successfully located their game. Read English Pointer Temperament Personality The English Pointer Dog Breed has a personality and temperament that is energetic and sweet. This breed requires plenty of socialization to develop its naturally even temperament, and they only require a minimal amount of training. Read English Pointer Pictures The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the different English Pointer Pictures and English Pointer images. Get depth look at the English Pointer and see the things that this breed has to offer. Read A therapy animal provides affection and comfort to members of the public, typically facility settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living, hospice, shelters, schools, libraries, and physical therapy centers. Therapy animals are not the same as service dogs or emotional support animals. therapy classes, you'll learn the basics of animal-assisted therapy, how to know if your pet would be a good therapy animal, what training you and your pet need to be animal therapy team, and how to get involved therapy programs around the Twin Cities area. Prerequisite: Dog must be at least 18 months old and assessed by Instructor during Therapy Animal Overview Seminar Open to members and non-members $10 fee and preregistration is required. This seminar is required for any handler who is thinking of starting our Visiting Dog classes. If you think you are close to ready to start with Visiting Dog training you are welcome to bring your dog to this class to be evaluated. Bring lots of treats, no bones. Dogs go through a short assessment as to their skills walking on a loose leash, sit, down, stay, connection with handler. All must be preapproved before entering any of the Visiting Dog classes. Fees: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3. did a great job not only training dog but training me to understand the reasoning behind everything. He made sure I knew why we did something and how to correct dog's actions if necessary. was very informative and helpful and made it known he's only a phone call away if I need assistance on something or have a quick question. was amazing. dog is not fond of strangers and before was leaving she was jumping her arms and loving her. Her positive training is really working and I saw the difference