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Dog couple all beattie masterson a squatted 625 (raw sometimes right along the trail a flat location that has been used before and avoid camping on undisturbed If you are a hammock camper, you have to be more careful picking you campsites. Much of the is above tree line where there are fewer options. We recommend contacting the Service about camping. Most of the runs through National and Wilderness Areas within the The CTF maintains the but the USFS established and administers the regulations, including on camping. View USFS contact information here on our website. Cell phone coverage along The Colorado Trail is spotty. Cell phone coverage is best nearest the towns and at high points Depending upon your phone and provider, your cell phone MAY work a few places while you won't get a strong enough signal other locations. A cell phone is not a dependable emergency communication device along all of the Users should always leave their plans, routes and timeline with someone responsible. A satellite transmitter known as a SPOT tracker might be a worthwhile consideration. It is a communication device considered useful by It transmits your location to the computer screens of others at home and can transmit an emergency signal to your friends or even 911 search rescue. We do not know the number of folks who have completed the You can visit our Completers if you like to view a list of those who have reported back to us of their completion. If you have thru-traveled the entire trail and would like to receive your free completion certificate and or to be added to our list of Completers, please submit a Completer Application. Dogs are allowed on all sections of the Trail except the Waterton Canyon part of Segment 1. This dog prohibition is intended to protect the bighorn sheep habitat. What's a dog owner to do? One alternative is to have your dog join you at the beginning of Segment 2 at the S. Platte River Bridge Trailhead. Another alternative is to begin the at the Indian Creek Trailhead and there is good info here: Dogs: Alternatives To Waterton Canyon. Through sections of the including Wilderness areas, dogs must be kept on a leash. Outside of the Wilderness areas, leash and voice control rules still apply; it is best to check with the Service Ranger District offices to be sure. Dog owners should control their pets around people, prevent harassment or chasing of wildlife, and pick up after their dogs around the Trail and campsites. Dogs are not allowed on CTF volunteer Trail Work Crews. Having dogs near sharp, swinging trail-work tools presents a possible risk to the dog or the worker. Also, some work-crew volunteers are not comfortable around dogs. Another reason is our volunteer Crew cooks have had troubles with dogs the camp kitchen. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. You can access The Colorado Trail from the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Information about the train can be obtained from their website or by calling The train can drop you off or pick you up from Elk Park, a point on The Colorado Trail. Taking the train one-way and hiking to from your car is a popular loop option. The only place you can buy all 3 of the Guides is from the online Store. Also available is MountainMaps The Sawatch Range. All are valuable for different reasons. Every user has their own preference for which combination of guides they like to use. The Map Book can only be purchased at the Store. The Map Book includes a highly accurate, detailed line of The Colorado Trail with mileage indicators plotted on USGS topographic maps. The waypoints are about every 1 mile and GPS waypoint data associated with the Map Book is available for FREE download via Trip Planning Waypoints. Includes bike detour routes around Wilderness. The Official Guidebook of The Colorado Trail Foundation is best for trip