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To AMARC landlord albuquerque business her water enemy has enjoy part of the family. He seems to training and is now a pro at sitting, giving his paws, laying down, rolling over and we're getting there with speak. For some reason we seem to get more visitors at our house since Herbie's arrival, all of which give him no end of fuss, which, of course, he loves... Everyone has fallen with her and she certainly knows how to turn the charm on. She already sits for her food and brings toys back when we throw them. She is very confident and not worried by any household noises such as the hoover. Took her to the vets tonight and she passed the health check with flying colours. He was very impressed with her and also with all the health checks, etc you have done on her parents. He couldn't believe how calm and placid she is and thought she would be biddable and easy to train, and said how lucky we were to have her. Praise indeed! Thank you much for such a lovely puppy and all the care you have obviously taken rearing her.... he fell head over heels with her, just as everyone does who meets her does. We have a two year old little girl as a neighbour and is exceptional with her and all children. even managed to win the heart of a little girl who was terrified of dogs last week. She really is quite something. Older people adore her because of her gentle ways, and that includes Mum who is close to 80. Her manners are impeccable. As Mum walks with a stick, she instinctively lets her go through doors first. Just as you said, she hasn't jumped up once, and this endears her to people who aren't confident around dogs. We have to wait 6 months, but I am considering using as a dog. She brings us much If she is willing, and enjoys it, we would like to if she can bring some to some people or children who are too poorly to have their own dog, and would like us to visit them occasionally. of course would be her handler. I let you know how that goes. We feel we are lucky to have it would be good to share some of the she gives us, with someone who could do with a of the form of As I said previous E mail, and just as you said she would, she has been very quick to learn. She walks beautifully on the lead, and her recall is great. The bond between and is is amazing. It was obvious within hours, but has just grown and grown. has had some difficult times at school with bullies. Today she told me that no matter how bad her day has been, she knows that there is something very good waiting at home for her. She has a very special friend, who is very loyal to her no matter what! loves going to watch ride too, and is around the horses, she just sits patiently watching her. Everyone we meet on our walks comments on how beautiful she is. I am sure with all your experience you know how amazing your dogs are, but I wanted to share with you just what a diference has made to our lives, and how much we her. Thank you are two such little words, but are heartfelt from us three... We thought you would like to know how is getting on as she is now just about 20 weeks old and a very much bigger dog to the small puppy we collected from you last year. I am delighted to say she is doing incredibly well, she is a fantastic puppy who is very quick to learn and a to have around has a wonderful temperament and is a credit to your breeding. 's settled great and is very intelligent. Everyone loves her. She is virtually housetrained and knows she has to sit before she is fed. We only had one night when she cried and she has quickly learnt our routine. She enjoyed the snow we had the other day, as you can Thank you for our lovely pup. Indi has settled- to life here immediately! Like all of the puppies we have had from you, she already shows good intelligence and reasons things through very quickly. She is one of those puppies that use their feet very early, terms of manipulating play objects and she instinctively retrieves as part of any play. thanks for yet another wonderful JimJoy puppy! life changed when we bought our beautiful handsome black lab from you which we called Inky, he became absolute world best friend loyal companion everywhere we went people commented how handsome and what a fab dog he was THE BEST. But sadly on the 24th February 2013 he was suddenly and very unexpectedly taken ill and died that morning .The pain and hurt something i have never felt before; he was a massive character and the gap our lives is unbelieveable, he is badly missed. Last week i had his name and paw print tattooed on foot as every time he sat with me his paw went across right foot,