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Training and stellar ages 5 to at 2 heroes illness pect from a World Class Canine trained protection dog? Protection dog training takes years master, which is why we ask that you take careful consideration choosing a trainer. Protection training is a delicate process and if done properly not adversely affect the temperament of your dog. Proper protection training give your dog a purpose and bring him closer to you, his family. Proper protection dog training also develop internal confidence your dog, not fear. At World Class Canine, we teach each student to react under certain situations, or by command. By properly training each dog, we retain their loving and social temperaments, but produce man stopping results, the unfortunate case that they are needed. Addressing the sad state of affairs and low point of reference the protection guard dog training business. The truth is that the vast majority of -called protection dog trainers kennels our industry are fraudulently selling and training dogs for sport and passing them off as personal protection dogs, to clients that 't know the difference. If you are not familiar with the concept of a sport dog, a sport dog is trained to believe that bite-work is a game and focuses on visible equipment, such as a bite sleeve. At World Class Canine we utilize proven training techniques that teach your dog to engage the true threat under a wide variety of scenarios, to ensure the safety of you and your family. Personal Protection Evaluation: Just like humans, not every dog is made to defend themselves, or others. A man stopping protection dog must possess the proper genetic and physical traits, as well as inherent confidence. Typically people mistake the average junk yard dog for actual protection dog. Just because a dog barks doesn't mean they want to bite. Imagine the bully high school that always threatened others but said he was only joking, if someone stood up to him. To the untrained eye many weak and fearful dogs seem like tough man stoppers because they behave aggressively for no reason. Believe me that is not a desirable quality. Dogs that behave that way generally are only saying please leave me alone and are trying to scare people off to avoid conflict. Occasionally however, there are exceptions to this rule. A true personal protection dog is stable, well mannered and social non-threatening situations. This evaluation is required to asses whether or not your dog is suitable for protection work. If your dog is not suitable, we can supply one that is. Training fear driven, nervous dogs for personal protection is accident waiting to happen and we not put innocent people jeopardy. Personal Protection Evaluation $150 Note: If the evaluation is done off site additional fees to include travel time and expenses be added. off site evaluations not available all areas Guard Dog Training Package: Evaluation required: Yes Minimum age: 15 months minimum Alert on command Aggression on command Defense of Handler Outing on command Any obedience package can be added All breeds welcome This package is designed to teach dogs to behave aggressively, but not bite. When this training is complete, your dog alert you when someone approaches and meet them at the door, and or gate, while showing aggression, until you say its This package includes scenario based training, as well as confidence building. This package also teaches the dog to pump up and turn off on command. Contact us for pricing your area. Personal Protection Training Level 1: Evaluation required: Yes Minimum age: 15 months minimum Alert on command Aggression on command On lead defense of handler On lead defense on command Bite and Hold training Conditioning Confidence building Outing World Class Canine's level 1 protection package is designed to teach your dog introductory personal protection and obedience. When this training is complete your dog protect you against attacker. perform on lead obedience and bite show aggression on command. This package also includes outing scenario based training and confidence building conditioning. The World Class Canine Level 1 package is designed to condition you dog to the pressure of a real life scenario. Upon completion of the training your K-9 regard the man as the threat, not visible bite equipment and be able to take the pressure of a close proximity fight. To insure that your dog is capable of this level of training evaluation must be performed prior to training by our staff. If you are interested buying a world class trained protection dog, our dog sales page. Contact us for pricing your area. Personal Protection Training Level 2: Evaluation required: Yes Minimum age: 18 months minimum Defense of Handler Tactical Bite-work Bite and Hold Confidence Building Fight Conditioning Home Invasion Scenario Car Jacking Scenario Outing Advanced Obedience The World Class Canine Level 2 Protection Package is designed to transform your dog into a complete K9 bodyguard. When the training is completed your dog be able to; protect you, your family and your residence against burglary, kidnappers, stalkers, etc. This program turns dogs into K9 bodyguards. World Class Canine's level 2 personal protection program produces upper echelon protection dogs that can handle anything life has to offer, including adverse opposition and scenario based conditioning. A World Class Canine level 2 graduate is the real deal capable of defending you, your family or property. This package includes complete on and