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Shorthair pointers and the house 30052 was formerly work comes the pain and inflammation without the nasty effects of traditional anti-inflammatories. I buy the Inflamex kind from Ortocanis: http: en complementos-nutricionales 182-canine-inflamex-solution.html I have a beagle mix, his snout is swollen due to a laceration or a bite i gave him benadryl this morning at 8am..i returned from work but found it still swollen and it seems as if he has been trying ti scratch it. I gave him antibiotic amoxicilin and antiinflamarory medication..carprofen.. daughter dog is 10 years old. she is a bull massive and is having pain her hip. is there anything she can give her for pain without the costly bills from a vet? she not be around for very as she is getting older any help would be great! thank you Acetaminophen is sold as North elsewhere it is called paracetamol It is absolute no-no for cats and dogs, who lack the liver enzyme that renders it safe humans. It is the most common pain-killer on the market; marketed as a Generic medication worldwide under a bewildering variety of different trade names. read the label and never give your pet anything that contains ‘acetaminophen' or ‘paracetamol'! Do not give collies Collies and some other breeds have drug sensitivity as per a mutation or defect the blood- barrier. Other drugs include: selecamectin, moxidectin, some formulas of Pepto Bismol, ivermectin, digoxin, erythromycin, dexamethazone, hydrocortisone, acepromozine. Butorphanol, rimadyl. Check with your vet always and a full list is available on the Collie Health site of the Collie Club of Collies, and other herding breeds, should not have the drugs Carolyn mentions above. They also shouldn't have Immodium. This breed of dog can have a mutated that when given these drugs can cause neurological issues. Please visit this website to learn more about MutliDrug sensitivity dogs: http: problem-drugs. Dogington Post, you should really put this disclaimer on the slides for these drugs. I have a blue healer 11 years old that somehow hurt her back leg Course it's and vet is not open and I had to go to work. She's a lot of pain I gave her some dog pain med left over from her brother to comfort her today and I have one left over for tonight. I won't be able to get her to the vet til Monday afternoon. What can I give her to get her through tomorrow? I have a 4 year old terrier and just noticed that she can't walk good she limps she falls when she jump up she falls to the side when she walks she just lays around all day not active at all can't afford the vet what should i do. If you can't afford even a vet visit to figure out what's wrong, then maybe you should consider finding her a new home. If she's laying around and not active, it's because she's pain. She doesn't deserve to suffer because you can't afford to help her. Find someone who can. Thank u for the advice, I also can't afford the vet at the moment chow Shepard mix is older he has been having a hard time sitting moving after playing down for awhile his hind leg seems to be hurt, I'm going to try the buffered aspirin just because u can't afford the vet u should give him away he's been a part of family 10 plus yrs I him him couldn't imagine him not a part of life what he might go thru wandering why where mommy daddy are not with him, I would do anything for Buddy never want to him suffer. Thank u for your helpful advice….. Appreciated I would NEVER give pet to another person.. NEVER! dog has been constant companion for 14 years and he grieves when we leave him even for a day for shopping let alone forever… I cant believe how insensitive some people are.. You were wise to come her and ask advice and yes vets are crazy expensive alternatives are a good choice when we aren't flowing cash which of us aren't.. is always the best option… Good luck with your pup.. Fellow dog lover Yesterday yorkshierterrier got acttacked by a bullmaster mix pit!!!! dogs back is sore and gots a wound 1 inch around his left sholder and i use betadine solution to clean around the wound and clean the wound with clean water. I was afraid to use sope or dog shampoo but i dont know what to give him for the pain. It say here to give the dog buffered asprin. But i dont understand. buffered? most grape flavourings are synthetic for one, not made